Something's fishy with this BP or is just me?

So, here we are, we have a new BP and it’s a long one (120 + days), the longest i can remember.
Syndicate 99 days
Guiding star 76 or 77 days, there were others even smaller much smaller.

Apparently they designed this BP to be a money sink if you want to craft BP parts, but at the same time, BP parts on the market aren’t that expensive either.
If we compared with already existent parts like Catalina cab ( the price is too much high for a light cab) and Onamori.
Maybe i was expecting new BP parts ( for being new and hyper hipped) being on that price range, but they are not.
like what happened to the new gen. it cost 4 k coins and now, the Appolo gen cost half or almost half from what it used to cost (2.6 k coins or around that), that doesn’t surprise me at all.

Now, i’m puzzled with the price of the new and yet to be nerfed heavy cabin , it’s like a combination of the old spider cab + the old fav cab.
It’s for sail for less than that old junk (Fav cab) .
I noticed that when i almost sold my FAV cab today.
In fact i found it so much strange that i didn’t sell my FAV cab.

P.s.- The fav cab used to cost 1.5 k coins (last time i checked) today was slightly above 1 k

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This Battle Pass is a rip off.

You cannot even craft weapons unless you played AND SAVED from a BP a year ago.

You do not get full access to craft the items as advertised.


im not trying to defend them for this bp , but we get enough coins to buy a few therms , its bogus but not unobtainable

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I don’t think I will be buying this BP. Its barely got content, crafting has become even more limited, and its got so few structure pieces with such limited shapes. Its lousy for a professional studio. We got two mgs, a track, a legendary gasgen (rofl, like gasgen has ever been usable since they added incinerators) and a couple cabs lmao. We can’t even craft the new stuff if we already crafted and sold with our previous workpieces xD.