Spaced Armor-confused

Ok a game mod said that there is something about upcoming patch changes to spaced armor.

When I asked if it was different than the last test server…

He poofed.

Has there been a change and if so can someone link it (if it came out after the last test i mean).

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I’m pretty sure that in the past there were always changes from the test server versions.
It’s unlikely they didn’t find anything that needed further adjustments.

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If they are to release their update on 8th, we’ll find out soon enough.

I heard the piercing mechanic has been altered. So it’s not about spaced armour itself, rather than just usefulness of it.


We will still have spaced armor.

Builds might look a little different - but spaced anyways.

The patch will not remove it.

yeah thought so, nothing new

I simply got too lazy to track the dev-blogs & test servers to predict what’s coming.
I was always wrong anyhow. :joy:

So, now, I just wait for the release, get my butt stomped a few times, come here to read what ACTUALLY changed, then go adjust my builds accordingly.


I agree with the others, more than likely meant this update.

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That patch will be cold and slightly foul smelling before it even hits the live server lmao. I guess they don’t call it the snail for nothing.

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Yeah. I was right.

“Contrary to popular belief, we’d like to specifically note that the purpose of the changes is not to get rid of the “screen armour”. Our main task is to ensure that this way of building the car is not an ultimate solution,

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If that’s true… meaning spaced armor still works, but isn’t the solution for every build, then I’m all for it. I don’t mind a big ugly hovering box every now and then, but at upper levels, for a while, that was almost exclusively all you saw. It just makes the game boring to me… visually unappealing. It’s akin to Minecraft in visual appeal. LOL

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