Spam rippers cw leviathans

It gets more and more boring to play cw leviathans. Everyone carries 5 or more rippers and no weapon is aimed at the target without first destroying the leviathan. Rather, the weapons are busy trying to destroy the rippers all over the map… Even if you have leviathan melee… those saws on the floor it’s impossible not to step on them and get stuck… I think this doesn’t make sense if the developers don’t do anything about it… For me it’s not as fun as it was in the beginning… I hope they take action on the matter and find a solution.

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Players find CW Leviathans increasingly dull due to excessive rippers and a focus on destroying them instead of the target. Even Leviathan melee is problematic due to floor saws. They hope developers address the issue and provide a solution for a more enjoyable gameplay experience.

AI is a disease

Agree rippers are only used because they distract Levi’s targeting which I see as bug exploiting… but hey if it aint broke don’t fix it…. cough

Let’s remove this non-competitive AI mode for regular CWs and give it its own ladder.

Levi Wars makes CWs a joke.


What if you had to aim leviathan weapons manually?
Would that even be possible?

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With the various weapon types, it would be hard to wield all of them effectively. It would be cool if 3 or 4 people could control the Leviathan.

I dislike the Auto aim too, but for different reasons: The AI seems to be less effective with most weapons, but extreme accurate with weapons like Destructors, Retchers, and Yong Wang.

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Levi wars always revolves around a cheap meta of one kind or another. Booster levis, Flash Skinner builds, Porcupine spam, Yongwang Levis, hover levis with Barrier 9 spam are all cheap and unsportsmanlike in their own way.

Ripper is OP and king in the little fiefdom of levi wars. I’m sure the Ripper players are enjoying themselves immensely whenever your levi loses all its forward momentum, its frames and its DPS to Ripper saws.

You can counteract them by playing a hover levi or maybe a Gerrida Levi with a full spider stall team.