Spark and Flash: They need some tweaks

By far my favourite weapons in the game, the aesthetic and visuals and sound. On point.

BUT, they need some work in my opinion. Their damage is so low that they’re only really a small annoyance outside of a support role and if you mainline 3 of them the damage is still just… ok.

My proposed 2 options:

1: Reclassify them as Hardware, remove all damage from them, have them as purely support items using their abilities.

2: Buff their damage a little to make it so a full electro build is more than just a niche.

Just my early morning thoughts.

p.s. Some CK’s that change the colour of the lightning would also be super.

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I can tell you now, they are not going to do this.

No thank you. I play a triple flash build. This would destroy this weapon completely.

I’m all for this one, but just a little, like 10% (maybe 15%) I’m just tossing out random low numbers, the real amount would need testing.


Yes, buff the range by 10 percent, buff the engine power drain buff the durability and the damage. Flash needs a buff against Icarus 7.

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Range I can agree with and damage.

I’m not so sure about power drain. It’s a slippery sloop. The power drain of this weapon needs to be balanced off of the fact that you can run 3 or 4 of them at once. And I do agree that if I’m running 3 or 4 flash’s it should be very hard for that player to get away BUT not impossible.

Maybe the drain effect could scale as you add more of the same weapon to your build? I just don’t think 1 of this item should completely stop someone from moving away, it should just slow them.

And this is coming from someone that owns 3 flashes. I could easily support the weapon being OP for my own use. But it’s just not fair.

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wait just a minute.
Buff their damage?
Man, Sparks and flashes destroy my drones instantly. They are worst than Mgs or SGs ( not by a big margin)
If you buff their damage, that would be overkill.

simply ,No

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