Spark Question

I finally broke down and acquired two Sparks. I then finally broke down and attempted a build or two with them.

Tons of fun!

What weapon, hardware or wheels go well with them?

I’m currently running a Photon and Aurora since the heated parts get 15% more damage apparently.
I know I could use Trombones…
I also have a Power Unit which noticeably increases the range - although I may change that out for an Omamari.

I’m currently on Omnis, but see I can put Claws on there for a further boost.

I also have the Quantum, but am trying to keep the PS lower.

I completely underestimated the usability of having pretty much any rocket go poof before it hits you. :rofl:

Any other Sparky tips you guys could offer a Spark Noob?

Mounting tips? Combos? Techniques?
I haven’t tried it with a chameleon yet… worth it to get in range?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks in advance…


Power Unit affects Spark? You sure about that?

Ummm… spark does not “Heat” things up.

Daze? Kapcans?

Also remember playing spark is not about damage. It’s about keeping the enemy from moving and reloading their guns.

I play a triple flash + daze build - when I log into a match I look around around find a high DPS player that I know does well and I’m going to follow him.

Anything that guy attacks I freeze.

I think he meant that the aurora heats things up, and the photon then allows the spark to do more damage to the heated parts.

Does Spark also slow the reload for your victims, or is it only flash that does that now?

Yeah, I guess it is just flash.

They basically nerfed Spark to make Flash.


Which is unfortunate, because the only reason I got a spark was to make my harvesters work, and now they don’t need it anymore, and it doesn’t really do much on its own anymore.


Spark still is useful for slowing builds. It is slightly more efficient than flash at doing just that…so it still pairs well with all melee and hover hunters

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sparks are interesting weapons and they have ALOT of coverage. protection from homing missiles and turrets (apart from the cannon turrets.), landmines like porcs, kings and kapkans. however they do come with a downside. their damage.

while they have a medium range their damage leaves alot to be desired. but the thing about these weapons is they are more for support then an offensive weapon. you can take them into easy raids though and just shred enemies. the branching lightning also deams additional damage and if you get a group of them you can pretty much flashbang yourself lol.

id say running 2 or 3 of them with a 1 or 2 rads and 2 coolers or just 2 coolers would be fine. they take a long time to overheat and dont do spread damage. they also debuff your enemies and make them slower.

as for combos im unsure, i use them only for support and dont really use them together apart from easy raids where its fun to just spark the daylights out of lunatics.

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Does Hertz buff them?
I am kind of curious what it would be like to run more than one, instead of just a melee aid.

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Maybe I was imagining it, but it certainly seemed so.


I think so, but not sure.

I guess I need to do some testing to see what combos work. I had limited gameplay with them, but they were so unique, I figured I could use some pointers to short cut my way to better understanding how to use them.

I’m guessing they’d pair well with flamethrowers, shotguns, mine layers and even the aegis. Heck, I’d bet they’d do well with turrets or drones.

LOL. I used them for just that purpose, too. Talk about playing on easy mode. :joy:

They weren’t great in PVP, but they were lots of fun.

Okay, after some testing, it does NOT look like the power unit works on them…

Hertz doesn’t do anything, either. LOL

The Aurora/Photon combo most certainly does… doubling the damage on the damage sphere in Test Drive.

Adding 4 Claws to the combo increases the damage on the sphere by about 10%.

I tried a Remedy flamethrower & compared it to the Aurora… strangely, they did about the same amount of damage to the sphere. I’m curious as to how that’d work out in real battle.

So, I then tried the same combo with dual Trombones… that combo did slightly less damage for whatever reason, and my trombones are fused.

After that, I toyed around with a fused Gravastar & a couple of coolers, and that hit hardest of all.

I’m thinking
One Spark,
Two Gravastars

That should make a pretty nasty lil brawler.

Now, if only I had enough free time to play. :sob: :rofl: