Special challenge issue

Earn 60 points in fuel? I have this as a special challenge but can’t seem to find the first point.

You have to put a fuel tank or fuel barrel or both on your build and do missions.
Note: only one fuel tank and one fuel barrel will give fuel IF you survive and win. adding extra tanks does not grant extra fuel.


I don’t play fuel tanks, I have decided I’m not going to get this :slight_smile:

Also, I realized I currently do not play any builds with heavy cabins… so I’m not going to get that one either :joy:

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I had a bit of an issue getting fuel, even with tanks/barrels. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong.

You must score a certain amount of points to get fuel.
You must be in PVP - no raids or patrol.
I believe the tanks/barrels now need to survive the match so mounting them on outriggers won’t work. I could be wrong on this one.

FWIW, I typically don’t do this anymore as the benefit of the challenge isn’t worth carrying bombs on your rig.
I’ll add them from time to time to have a little fuel in case there’s a week were I could complete a challenge if I just had a little more fuel.

Barrels need to survive, and you also need to win.
I find it’s better to hide them than put them on a stick, if you’re trying to clear the challenge.