Speed and freedom of movement

It seems the game feels “sluggish” at times not because of lowered cabin speed (in all honesty - you will not notice difference from 100 to 95 at light builds) but because of the “legacy wedge fix” that causes your car to almost stop once you touch somebody.
Now that wedges have been properly fixed - can we please have physics fix so we can actually disengage and cars dont feel “sticky”? Its incredibly annoying and no longer necessary imho.


Fixed that for you, no charge :slight_smile:

incredible that you crash into a wall or a partner without losing speed, only when you hit a rival does the problem happen

Agree, we need that “fix” removed

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All wedge related physics changes except for melee hitboxes need to be completely reverted. Test collision damage that goes directly to frames even through bumpers. The bumpers just prevent direct contact damage. If some light framed build wants to ram somebody he should lose all the frames between his cab and the collision. This would end the meta of ramming people to bumperhug them to death. Close range players would have to drive more carefully. Melee players would have to slow their approach right before contact so the weapon does the damage, not the ramming. Aggressive rush builds that place their guns to only fire forwards would become a lot weaker unless they are slower tanks that have the frames to absorb a ram.

Boom/lancers would be happy

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parts of my car grab onto things which i cant turn off of, even clipping onto other team mates and completely spinning me or screwing us both up. i wish theyd fix it so my car wasnt grabbed by the worlds strongest magnet everytime i scrape against something…
but i also notice that the cars are a bit slower. though the weight balance isnt right in the game either. my car has a light cab, 2 train plows in the front, 2 porcs and 2 arbiters on the porcs… well when i lose my 2 train plows im driving so loosely its like crossout on ice. it seems my main weight is only the train plows, lose those and my steering goes out the window at high speeds. i got 6 bigfoots on it to so i shouldnt be sliding around and have such difficulty steering and overcorrecting.

Yea but not because they would be receiving any buff. They suck but they aren’t spammed half as hard as they used to be.