Speed nerf theory

Its my own personal theory. But i believe the true reason for the nerf is to make way for…

Legendary Engines!

Makes sense. Why come out with legendary engines if epic engines already max ya out at 120. So by nerfing speed they open the way for more powerful engines to make up for the speed loss.

What do ya think?


I hope you are right!
Always need more speed

How to make more $$$
Let’s nerf the speed and sell next BP with a new legendary engine.


That makes no logical sense.

Legendaries don’t come in packs, in BPs items are given out to players, in an update it would be a simple matter of time for players to craft them. The devs would have to put them in a limited time crafting event like the Ravens/Knight Riders but the engines would be a fundamental part of the game so they can’t do that.

It makes absolute sense. They gave us legendary cabins in multiple BPs. They can easily do the same with legendary engines. How in your mind does this not make sense? They nerf things before releasing an upgrade. Whirlwinds got nerfed before cyclone release. Crickets got nerfed before waltz. Parser nerfed before jormungandr. Spark was nerfed before flash. Ect. Its kinda how this game works.

Epic engines maxed out build at 120. So there was no need for legendaries. But if you reduce cab speed so epic engines dont cap ya out then it opens a way for legendary engines to have a place in the game.

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As per my previous post:

It makes no sense because they can’t effectively monetize it. The engines can’t come from a pack, they’ll have to come from a BP in which they’re given out and an update introducing them just makes it a matter of time until they become common.

Nerfing X to make room for Y is not how the devs operate either, the cyclone is not a sniping weapon like the whirlwind (The WW got nerfed because the devs looked at stats and were unable to effectively interpret them.), the cricket was not nerfed to make room for the waltz (The cricket was nerfed because crybabies from clan wars complained about the cricket being too strong.), the parser was too strong and needed a nerf (The Jormungandr was released to be relic, not to replace the parser. The Jormungandr is next to useless even now.), the spark lost it’s reloading debuff years before the flash was even conceptualized (And even then the flash takes longer to reach the same power debuff making it a sidegrade.).

Im asking for new engines since last engine rework.
I hope you’re right. :+1:

PS: dont argue with smegma he has no clue whats going on :sunglasses:


Yeah. He’ll hit his post limit soon enough. Thinks bp items are free somehow and not monetization lol


They functionally are. Paying for the BP just flips a setting. After that you don’t need to craft the fused items to get them, you just need to hit the level they’re on and you now get them thrown at you at no further cost. Doesn’t matter if you didn’t want them and you just wanted the decor. Hell, for what it’s worth you might end up not even getting them after buying the BP anyway.

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They technically are, with enough time and grinding one can get most of the items given by them without the need to spending money, i know some people lack time to do this sort of task, yet, the option its still there.

While its true that the speed nerf manage to get some annoyed, i didnt notice any difference in my oppinion, and given the context Azrael puts, it may look like this is the prologue of the adding of legendary engines with greedy intentions, i think this is but an exageration.

While its true that some BP items in their introduction can be pretty powerfull, bordering the OP line sometimes (coof coof parser coof), they get nerfed most of the time after people have pay for them in that state, in this context it could be seen as the devs offering an item, giving the item for ones money, then changing the item qualities for a profit by taking advatange of those that (IN MY OPPINION; PLS DONT BURN MY HOUSE) dont think that much at the moment of spending money on non tangible objects, as there is the thing, that is, that this game is constant development changes are not permanent, and in a sense (FOR ME), its good that its like that since it prevents
the development of stagnation regarding gameplay … for the most part :v.

As Sigma said if devs were to make a model were they can earn revenue while also being complete pricks towards us players, the BP would not be the answer they would choose, as with it (and the same way with normal packs, not coin or crown packs), other users “can” obtain the content given in them with enough time and grinding, if they were to be complete pricks when creating them, the would just make so if one wants to get the items given in them, one is FORCED to pay to get them, but as currently is, is not that way (Thanks god).

Regarding the adding of legendary engines, even with the assumed context, the adding of these type of pieces its kinda inevitable, as ive stated previously the game is in constant change and progress, thinking they wont add new content is actually the rare thought, but what i see here is a case of heavy distrust by the vocal parts of the community , be it justified or not its not the topic of the thread but anyway.

Point is, if they are adding new stuff, its nice, as long as they dont make it a COMPLETE esclusive, that not even the grindiest of the grinds can achieve.

Pls dont burn my house, throwing molotovs wont work, i got a magical pet russian that can drink the hot alcohol in mid air, its quite amazing, his name is Pravzda dont provoke him. :v


It’s quite a possibility at this point. They didn’t add a new engine since the Firestarters were added ~4 years ago. So a new line of engines would make sense I guess. Whatever their stats though, I don’t think a speed nerf to most cabins in the game would have been necessary to make the new engines atractive to players. Whoever is making the decisions at Targem is unable to see that they don’t have to use a negative incentive in order to make a new thing look atractive.

I don’t know what they were trying to achieve, but they missed their mark by a long shot, that’s for sure.


I have a few theories about this…

Some weapons projectiles could be “outrun” by fast vehicles, not anymore. Example, the new sd-15 vulture, used to be able to outrun its projectile more often than not, now its the opposite.

Indirect buff to hovers. Non hover users no have a more difficult time against hovers, as they are now so much slower.

Kapkans. Took a nerf based on speed. Speed of cabins has now been reduced to help compensate.

I have other theories too but for now, these will do.

Speed nefr is naive idea. … game need nerf melee and shotguns only … nothing other work … ¨
BUFF HEAVY PANELS = lmao … next support for melee low PS pseudo heroes. .
Game need nerf all melee ans shotguns + buff dmg of all guns except AOE

Perhaps the OP is right Sigma.

It’s not just the speed nerf, it’s also the general PS values nerf.
maybe to accommodate the increase in PS that a legendary engine or even new epic engine will bring.

If i’m right it will be a very cynical way to do it.

But then again.

I remember a topic from the forum asking if people wanted to drift more, people said YES.
end result, a wheels nerf , and that was after the drifting wheels from the syndicate faction was already in use by the player base.
A nerf received with a round of applause.

The PSs of armor being lowered was heavy armor and only heavy armor.

A legendary engine will only be a few hundred PS over an epic engine due to how the standardized method of PS works for engines.

that’s why i say the OP might be right, modules don’t differ that much in PS or they don’t add much in PS, what we recently gained ± 200 PS could be used for new modules without messing around with higher numbers.

The difference is that the ± 200 PS is basically nothing when it comes to the PS of a build.

Maybe the devs are planning on adopting my previous suggestion of allowing multiple engines on a single build?
(If you didn’t see my old thread, the suggestion included a restriction of only one engine of each type, to prevent perk stacking and/or builds with ten Red Hots)

I hope we don’t get legendary engines.

I mean Devs statements about the speed changes were clear. In accordance to that I can say the change wasn’t made to make room for legendary engines. Because Devs have never falsified info like that in the past, thus I doubt they would start now and in such a blatent and obvious manner.

Perhaps a new purple engine is soon at hand. One that is faster then the cheetah. We’re due for a new engine or three I think.

I just pray we never get legendary engines. It will deminish the value of the ones we already have and limit variety on meta and higher p’s builds.