Speed testing codrivers

I’ve been using Phobos with most of my fast builds, and enjoying getting that max speed back to where it used to be.
But I noticed that Kami has a 100kmh top speed, so I set up a drag strip on the test range to see which codriver is fastest on a car that can already hit 120.
Turns out that Falcon is the clear winner, and it works better with the Millers I had on the test car anyway.
Grizzly also performed much better than I would have thought in the speed department as well.

Here’s the test car so you can see the stats. I’m sure with different builds other codrivers could give the edge in the speed department.


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what? falcon is faster than phobos?

Not normally, but if your max speed is already 120, Falcon or Grizzly can give you better acceleration (depending on how close you are to your mass limit and what movement parts you are using).

Other than Kami and Aggressor, are there any other 100 kmh cabins where this would be applicable?

I also tried swapping out the Cheetah for a Hot Red, and the results weren’t as different. Seemed like Falcon still had the edge over Phobos and Grizzly, but just barely.

I mean yeah if you can hit 120 then why use en extra 5kmh… always use falcon for 100km cabs with cheetah…

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Yeah they nerfed the speed and then threw a random array of codrivers to compensate for it, almost blindly. One gives more power, another one compensates for the weight limit, and the third one increases maximum speed. It almost feels like they had no idea what to really do so they just gave out random buffs to different things when it comes to mobility and called it a day, making us having to juggle between the three and see which one works out best for which specific build, even on some of my builds Grizzly makes them faster than Phobos or Falcon makes my sluggish build more responsive than Grizzly.

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I like that we have options to fine tune our car’s response.
Also happy that we have the tools to test which combo works best.

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