Speedrunning Awakening, day 110

I’ve gained the ability to elevate my car and put it back on it’s wheels when flipped instead of waiting for the 15 seconds penalty. Other than that, hey developers how it’s going! Your “Awakening” gamemode is closing it’s 4th year soon… or 5th? I can’t tell, I’ve lost my understanding of space and time. But if it’s going to be slept on, rename it to “Hibernation” at least. Anyways! Let’s talk about lore suggestions, with the arrival of the new co-drivers we’re opening some new doors to the open world.

  • Other than making a “Chapter 2” of the story and adding some expansions to the outdated “Blood Rocks” map (if not entire new locations). Our drivers could get an unique mission once unlocked, especially if they’re going to be added every once in a while I think that’d be a good touch to the game. Their missions would be designed in a way that we could use their unique Talents at the maximum output. Something like a tutorial/guide for each individual driver, or at least a well designed range to test them!
  • Since all games have their lore within their game and not their website: Wouldn’t it be niche to have our own journal of events as well? That would expand as we progressed through our campaign and completed Battlepass seasons?
  • The ability to join a friend in their world when they’re in it and to invite friends to our world when we’re in it (not during missions). That way we can continue our journey without breaking/making groups.
  • Currently there’s only one unique reward obtainable from that gamemode and it’s unrelated to the story, the “Peeper” wich is still bugged to get for some. Other than fixing those cameras, I’d suggest to remaster some of the Bosses in the story and give the player a unique decoration from their car once beaten as a trophy. Such us, Fiercehog’s animal skull on spears stand!
  • Unlockable blueprints from “Awakening” bots, either by completeing certain missions or killing “X” amount of the same bot. Their cars can have small descriptions, those trucks filled with 40 fuel barrels for instance: What are they for other than making me stop whatever I’m doing to blow them up?
  • Engraved Casings, it’s a material used to craft certain decorations and stickers wich are currently seriously underpriced. We need new craftable recipes for them!

Show me your feedback on these and what would You suggest?


Please help me get rid of them I c


I’ve got a few suggestions for Adventure. Want some?

  • Introduce a zone at the market where you can use your casings to buy some stuff randomly picked every day from a list of common craftable parts and decors, maybe a few exclusive rare items made for the occasion (a couple decor pieces and a new, rare engineer cab would be awesome - can just be a modded WT).

Prices can be somewhat “expensive”, like 50-100 casings for a common part. Who cares,the casings have no use anyway, it’s still a win for Adventure players. This would have a few benefits: It’d make Adventure a better introduction for newcomers, that lets them grind a bit of gear and coins there while making some scrap and copper, it’d give an incentive for people to go there and check, and maybe create some more (daily) traffic when a rare item is in shop (good for Targem), and it’d make casings less useless.

  • Make the firestarter arena available to players outside of the quest. Up to 4 players vs a levi 200% their combined PS.

50-100 badges/week for winning it 3-5 times, or something like that. Players below engineer 10 or parties below 8-10k combined PS could get a warning and be forbidden access (to prevent long waiting time because no levis are that low PS). Maybe parties above 40-50k could be prevented from joining too, to avoid people farming weird 80+ hovers levis at a PS where there are no legit levis. Could be a fun alternative to Invasion for solo players, and a way to generate some more weekly traffic.

  • Make the side missions less boring.

This is… I can’t give a magic recipe that will fix these horrible side missions without a massive rework, but I can see some simple bandaids really helping.
Coursier mission could have a (lenient) timer and a small chance to spawn an ambush of 2-3 basic cars midway through them, maybe with another roll for a minefield or some other form of trap to go with it. The timer would be based on the distance from A to B in a straight line at ~40 kmh, making the mission somewhat tight if you’re in a 50/55 kmh tank, and probably impossible for a ML build (sorry MLs).
Patrols could have a very small chance to spawn a random event from a list of 5-6 preset things at any point. 2-3 basic cars encounter, a couple piles of scrap on the ground, a freighter/coursier in a ditch that requires towing to the nearest fuel station/workshop/base for a slighty increased mission reward, etc…
The missions that require clearing opponents at one location could have a chance to spawn a boss enemy. They don’t have to be strong, but with some good design they could provide interesting “mmo-like” fights for low PS cars. Some of the stuff we’ve seen in the new Chase raid (super slow Pulsars, the Nest AoE) works really great in a PvE context. They could leave a scrap pile with a slightly higher reward than usual.

I really like this suggestion, it sounds very reasonable and beneficial in terms of work invested vs QoL buff. Should work for both Adventure and Bedlam.


Oh, a last one, and really important. Didn’t think about it previously for obvious reasons.

  • Main quests and side missions need to reward Intelligence.

Make it 4 for the side missions if you want to, but the full storyline should really give you 7-10k intelligence so you can at least get one co-driver out of it.


The delivery mission doesn’t really need anything its just a simple mission. It would be nice though if there were some longer barter missions as well but I would just add those in for variation:
Version A: normal quick drop off
Version B: includes return trip with payment load
Version C: includes pick up starting cargo from remote location.
Version D: Includes include the timer.

I like the idea of having random ambushes and potentials for traps…

The attack mission - isn’t bad but it’s always the standard enemy this would be better if there were some mini-bosses and other builds that spawned just for the mission. We know the area has a really wide PS so nothing can be made too difficult but it would be nice to add some variety in.

The other two missions in the mode really do need work though.

Missing packages - I would really just get rid of this. While it fits in the theme it’s really quite boring and the player just ends up driving in circles till they complete it. I see people not doing these all the time. They end up just congesting the map full of this unwanted task.

Camera retrieval - I never mind doing this one as it’s driving a simple loop. It would be nice if every now and then it would spawn something interesting at one of the camera locations. Chance special mission, Chance mini-boss with squad, chance gang group encounter… The film really should have to be dropped off too.

I’d replace the missing packages with a solo defend the homestead mission. This would be like the reverse of the attack mission you kill small waves attempting to raid the property asking for assistance.

I’d like to see the factions award different solo/group raids missions that can be done in the area. I.e. awarded for levels 3 (easy),6 (normal),12 (hard) or similar layout they are repeatable and have a fuel cost but you accept them like you would any other mission on the map. They could be themed as: faction vs faction or faction vs gang, or faction vs ravagers… Visit the gas station to manage your fuel while in the area. It would go well with being able to invite players into groups that are in the area. The difficulties should power scale to group avg only the group leader has to be the level to accept the mission.

Engraved casings - I’d really like to see them create a working crafting system for decor and say good bye to the basic decor box. i.e. Shells plus resources = base headlight, X number of base headlights plus shells and resources = headlight 2. I’d also suggest moving some other older event weapons over to the workbench too i.e. maybe the revolvers and median. There really should be at least: a melee, shotgun, and cannon that you can craft using the areas resource rewards.

I’m pretty sure those are the caravans that keep getting raided that the NPC’s complain about.

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  • Copilots missions could be cool for sure
  • The lore, I agreed that it could be cool if it was a bit organized, but i would be fine if still outside the game, the stories are interesting, I would make of them like a book or encyplopedia, right now it’s just spreaded articles on a website
  • Sure, reworked bosses and new trophies/decors is always welcomed as players :slight_smile:
  • Join a game while launched is not possible in any crossout gamemode, so I suspect some technical difficulties here
  • Unlockable blueprints, I’m not sure we would use them, that would be just for “collection”
  • The casings , I agree we would need some usage for it, but what?

Make a new bot named Liuty that just does circles around the map.

o7 to Liuty for the sacrifice.

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