Speedrunning Awakening, I quit

I’m region locked to EU and still get pack loss 50% of the time and now the developers are removing my Engraved Casings and Food Coupons from the game in the upcoming events… I’ve nothing left to pursuit. I’ll be leaving links down bellow for clips each update to check If I’m able to at least play one day.

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How do you know?

Just to clarify - I don’ know if they’re getting removed, I just ask how can you know if they are

26:40 “Engraved Casings won’t be obtained from Awakening anymore, instead- you’ll be able to trade them on the market. Same with Food Coupons from Raids. In return, we’ll increase the demand for crafting recipes of the unique items in Secret Workshop”. So as you can see, as soon as they’re put to market it doesn’t matter how many I’ve gathered. They’ll be like Food Coupons 2.0 or something…

Первый взгляд на обновление Mr. Twister - YouTube