I haven’t had a chance yet to play around with legs since the update, but I plan on making some big spiders this week.

I’m curious how people would describe the difference between ML200s and Bigrams, when the latter are in leg mode.
Do either of them have more pushing resistance? Climbing ability? Acceleration? Or are they mostly identical (when in leg mode).
The new controls make me want to try some side mounted guns buried deep in the build, since I don’t have to worry so much about restricted firing angles. I know that was always a popular strategy in high PS, but boxed in weapons always annoyed me in the past. Thinking I might try triple Millers on an omnibox and see how much I can push dogs around with the impulse. And of course I’m going to give Vindicators a shot, and probably a triple Snowfall build too.

Any tips on using and building spiders since the update?

I did read this post earlier and i thought nice.
I use wheels since forever and now i’m in a learning curve how to integrate tracks in my build (an upcoming second heavy build)
you should see my trials (it’s going well)
Next things in the pipe are Augers and Legs.
So i’m very interested in Legs
Do i make them shorter? taller? How will i armour it up ?
I don’t know, but by the looks of it , we have to figure it out by ourselves cause nowadays every fucking thing it’s hover related.
Hover guys squeal too much too loud for how many they are.
I mean , the white noise they make doesn’t reflect the numbers i saw in battle before the update.
and they don’t go away either (they promised)
I’m waiting for @8305886 resume the drone series he already started.
But so far he’s on the third or fourth video in a row about hover.
ENOUGH of this same rice day in and day out.

Personally, I’ve been playing a lot of hovers because they got the biggest changes and I want to explore and learn how to best use them. I suspect that’s why I’m seeing a lot of other people playing them too, at least at high/mid PS.
I think legs have been more popular on console for a long time, and I personally think they are stronger than people say (even the ML200s).

And now that two of the biggest flaws have been fixed (painfully slow uphill walking, and too easily pushed around by smaller builds), they could end up being even more popular.

If you like heavy builds, legs are a good match, as you can really max out that mass limit without sacrificing too much mobility. Sure, you’re slow, but being able to rotate and strafe around close range attackers is a big advantage once you learn how. The new controls make those maneuvers easier, at least on console.

I like tracks and augers too, but you have to use too many to max out your tonnage on heavy builds, which makes your acceleration so painful. I find medium cabins are a better fit for those movement parts.

man, i can relate with your excitement for hovers , same here for legs.

I know it will be a far cry but… back in my days at lower PS, not starter PS level but the level above, triple executioner spiders were unbeatable (exposed frames, parts connected to other parts that weren’t connected to the frame or cabin, didn’t help). Ramming them were the same as driving into a tree or to a concrete wall.

After i tried my very first heavy build i’m question myself why i spent so much time with medium cabins, i gladly trade speed for what heavy builds offers.
I’m back using medium builds or even light builds (for now) and i’m feeling in first hand what i read.
Burning wrecks only stills vision and little more with a heavy build
with a medium build…in a raid i got stuck beneath a wreck and got deleted, and there’s a difference between being tank(ish) and being tank.

Well, acceleration is not a thing in heavy builds nor speed and i don’t miss them, i don’t have my second heavy build with tracks and already i’m polishing the design, one thing i can say, i think they spin in the same place fast.
if the new controls fix the P.O.V. to the weapons, it will be easier to deal with strafers and those go meryl around the bush guys.
I’m planning to do a ram Heavy build and a crazy build with augers.
But it’s with legs i’m the most curious and i know less