Split screen

My son asked idk if its possible but a online guest can play with you and you can share ur storage with them and they can try out the stuff you own and play awakening and raids and battles and seasonal events. but not clan wars or levithan raids. He is always requesting this stuff on alot of games so his friends can play with him or sister haha. And the guest can use your vehicles but not create. Just ride and destroy for guests. The reason i request this is so the familys that have multiples in the house but only one console or pc can actually have a split screen adventure with them and a possible player in the future. I always had players that had others in the background going can i play? Because they see super cool things we can do in this game. Even if you can just use the shop vehicles would be good enough for a 2nd player split screen or the factions vehicles depending on the 1st players level of course.

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That would be cool. Not sure Devs are willing to do anything like that though.

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U never know. It may help xboxes numbers a little.

Devs will probably just look at it as a feature that would take money out of their pockets, because instead of players having their own account and grinding and spending money on BP and packs, they will just use their buddies account that already exists.

I think it would be fine though. Population has decreased enough, and the game is old enough, that the feature really wouldn’t make any difference to their profit margins. It could help even… Maybe…

Well if it was just the blueprints you can play in factions or the ones you buy i dont see any harm in it. And it could possibly make that player want to get his own account. Because they are just a guest and only can do just that. It could be a way to get more players into the game with a guest demo practically.

That’s not possible.

The game is an online game and most anything that can be logged is. Just take a look at the logs that the client generates and now apply that to what the servers will be tracking for a brief glimpse of this.

You’re asking for a quest to get into an account and use what they have. That’s not how this works, you have 2 retchers and you mount one? That is tracked (Whichever way the devs have done it. The best way would be to have an inventory table that keeps track of all parts + their iterations such as fused parts or parts with CKs that have been applied and a slot1 table that is the player’s active build. Run checks to ensure that someone doesn’t exceed what their inventory holds and you can track that.) and with a quest you would have to track that as well.

That’s not all however as having quest access basically doubles the amount of data that has to be handled, both in logging (No more 1 log per session. Now you have to have 2!) and in what the servers have to use just to play the game.

Games that allow split screens have to log very little by design. XO isn’t a good mix for that style of gameplay.

So in short your saying it would cause lag with the client server communication. Which would make sense for a game designed like crossout.

Idk im no Ram guy. Or internal clock guy.

However, i figure it would be fine. Populace has adequately diminished, and the game is mature enough, that the element truly wouldn’t have any effect on their overall revenues. It could help even… Perhaps…

Yeah thats what i was thinking but my son said it first.

Challenges with Online Guest Access:

  • Security: Allowing full access to storage and items to online guests could pose security risks. Malicious guests might exploit vulnerabilities to steal or damage your virtual items.
  • Balance: Sharing high-level items with a guest could disrupt the game’s balance for both players.
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