Spotter Drone

It is hard to deny really small hover drones used for recon in connection with many weapon systems in real life make that system super accurate.

They used to send out a humans as a spotter. But now even a $3000 drone you can buy at BestBuy can aim an artillery round dead center on a target.

So, I’m not sure what weapons the community wouldn’t get all bent over being able to use such a thing….

But what about a drone that could do Zero damage, but marks a target to guide a round to its target.

I figure it would fly and target an enemy like an annihilator drone but it has no negative effects or damage. Let’s say it’s cost 2 or 3 energy, becuase I would want it to work well.

I don’t have the idea completely worked out, but if it is something people think is even worth talking about we can figure it out :slight_smile:


I had suggested a balloon unit on the old forum for a similar type of idea i.e. a remote auxiliary laser guide and scope. It would have to be able to be shot down though.

I could imagine it being used with larger Artillery or Missile turrets that we don’t really have at the moment as well as the laser guide missile that we do already have.

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I had an idea of a launching hover drone that could function as a scope for artillery and other weapons that can shoot over cover. Would also give radar coverage of the area around it for the rest of the team.

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How about a drone also acts as a radar detector and pulls up a map so the player can fire at targets on the map.

It would work like the mortar and himars truck from battlefield 4.


I would love to have that as an option for artillery, but it could potentially make Heather and Mandrake OP. Then again, both have a lot of travel time before the shells land.


It would allow them to fire from behind cover.

Like you said though, it might be OP. It would hurt slower cars because they’re gonna have a harder time hitting fast cars

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That’s kind of why I suggested using it with larger deployable turret types. They probably wouldn’t have anywhere as much durability as a player would so they could make use the cover more. Then you kind of still have to work with player line of sight or aux remote line of sight.

You ever see the hover tsunami/typhoon Icebox bot does a 360 no scope? Of course you have. A teammate or enemy runs into it, or it spins off a wall, but as soon as it points its guns the right direction, instantly a perfectly placed shot comes out. This bottled up as essence-of-autoaim for players?

Fuck no. Talk about balance, talk about energy requirement equalizing it, talk about whatever you want.

All i hear is every gun in the game becomes a Hurricane pkayers wet dream.

Fuck no, take this idea and burn it. Incinerate it, bury it and may no traces of its existence be found through thr history of XO.

The offshoot help-mandrakes/heather-players-see-where-theyre-aiming? Sure.

But autoaim laser guidance? No.

Maybe im imagining a greater scope of what the topic is really about. But if im not, fuck no.

To elaborate, imagine the worst player ever strafing a hover side to side through the tiniest crack, but every time they do, a perfect double typhoon blast (any weapon really) hits you before the fastest of human reactions can even respond.

Picturing what I’m seeing yet? Bot aim with player peekaboo positioning, never missing a shot. Toxic in all facets, PvP or CW.

Again, maybe I’m seeing or reading more into it than the OP’s intent, but if not, it’s a hard no for me.

I don’t think you read the post.

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I need a drone that pops out when a teammate who only knows how to press the w key and not the s key when they ram into teammates and push them around, it’ll pop out and flash “HEY MORON, YES YOU, PRESS S NOW”

My idea for a spotter drone would be similar one like a Yaoguai, that instead of shooting, just points a laser, any other color than red, at any enemy build that is in a cloak and in the drones area of effect. Does not disable the cloak but tracks the enemy player.

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