Spring Mayhem balancing

Helis need a nerf here, they have awesome firepower as they should but they are far too tanky for what they are. Their flutes get stripped really easily but their rotors are too durable and they can lose their gasgen and still be completely operable. The build should lose its rotor more easily and every single time they lose their gen.

Tank is the absolute worst class here. It sacrifices having an extra cannon for having two therms which are mounted to deal with helis. In practice these autocannons are nearly worthless as they get stripped very fast and cannot engage helicopters effectively due to their bad horizontal angles.
Artillerist is the next worst class, the two classes that determine games are helicopters and scouts and it cant deal with either of them. Its super tanky but holding caps are all its good for, and holding caps is a strat that ensures you dont get points from recapturing them.
Sniper is the third best but the bots are the only players capable of doing well with it and the weakspot on it is unnecessary for a slow vehicle.

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Have you played all the vehicles?

I think you’re right about the helis for the most part, but the copter blades get stripped pretty easily. If there’s a good buggy player on the other team, you’re in trouble.

I actually am beginning to think that little buggy is the OP build. I played it a few times & so long as you know how to use the radar & use cover, it’s pretty good.

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Scout is OP but only if you have the aim for it which the vast majority of ppl do not have. I’ve played heli as my 2nd most played, and only on the condition that there are a couple other capable scouts to replace me and its completely OP when played right. Its vulnerabilities are limited to its 2 flutes, otherwise its a flying tank that does not care if its gasgen gets blown.
The other 3 builds are just extremely underpowered and they are too slow to be useful. Artillerist is just a joke, so is tank. Sniper isn’t, but its 3 fuel barrels and fragile gunmounts get it killed before it can out score its own life.

Ofc we lost this one because we had 2 helis and I was the only scout and they had 3 helis farming our team. The rest of my team were doing a terrible job playing terrible classes getting farmed by helis. Scouts only role is countering helis and running caps. The past events our role was countering mortarmen which were triple cricket builds, also extremely OP damage dealers.

Your stats are impressive… I think mine says I’m in the top 73% of players, but still have only won 2 matches.

That Artillerist build is hilariously bad… and the fact that people still use it. :rofl:

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Faxx, this year sucks compared to last, I really did like last year. This year none of the builds are fun to play.


The problem for helis is that there is no decent counter. I often play as a scout and my autocannons, arguably the best option for knocking out helis, get shot off so quickly that I can’t do so. The blast damage alone can knock off the scout’s front gun even without direct hits.

Also, I agree, arty is crap.

My suggestions are: 1. Scout cars need a slight durability redesign - or even better - a speed buff. Scouts should be either faster or more durable to do their job.

  1. Artillery needs to dropped one launcher and get a couple Rapiers or Vectors. I think they would be more viable that way.

The new model became a model based around helicopters, filled with air strikes and anti-aircraft, nerf helicopter armor

The scout is durable enough, its problem is that its front gun is attached to the bonnet rather than the 8 (80) hp grille in front of the cab. Helicopters really need to lose their rotors every time they get their gasgen popped because they are flying tanks.
Arty could use the ability to minimap aim.


I might actually use my heather or drake if that were the case.

As is, they’re just there. Doing nothing. Never used. By the time you fire for the 3rd time, the match is over. :roll_eyes:

Either those players lost one match and left the event for good or something is terribly wrong with the ranking system.

the scouts are paced the speed they have because otherwise NONE of the ground vehicles can turn fast enough to fire their fixed angle guns at the scout. Its a chore as is to keep scout from staying always in rear of sniper where sniper can never fire on them if scout was any faster.

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MOST of the players quit or can’t play often so progression is really fast at first in ranking. once past the quiters progression slows way down. thus why progressed so quickly after only couple of matches. I moved up to iron rank today but I have to give it up due to my connection being too unstable that I keep getting unknown network error. then I am penalized for fault that is NOT me causing. single match I moved up in rank by 1/2 yesterday. from 6000 ish to 3000 ish.

Sniper is my preferred build. I managed to kill 2 heli. with sniper and barely beat 2 scouts working in tandem to kill me. but heli has to be low to fit within the firing angle. overhead your a sitting duck if they fire straight down on you.

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Same. I couldn’t stop playing last year. This year… I’ve only played a few games.

I’d bet a dollar on that.


The ranking scheme was screwed. Apparently, they fixed things a bit.
I’ll still probably not play much. The rewards are just lame compared to the work involved. blah.


The ranking scheme was screwed. Apparently, they pulled back on their antics after the pushback they got!

So typical Targem/Gaijin

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This seems to be the pattern now, isn’t it? They introduce something truly stupid, sour everyone’s appetite for that something, then attempt to fix it later.

Sorry… Radiance was broken on Day 1. They fixed it. I never returned.
Mayhem was broken on Day 1. They fixed it (maybe). I’ll probably not return.

Yawn… back to playing the parts of the game I actually enjoy.

I realized why I can’t win more than 1 out of every 5 times I play this farce. Check out the screenshot - other team had 8 players, we only had 7. Of course we lost. Not the first time I noticed this imbalance. Done with this mode.

I can also say it’s being abused, in a way. I never told this but if you leave scout and tank for bots, they aim much better and can shoot off enemy weapons and chopper blades in about a few seconds from the start.

This mode is dumb when ur in the top 50.
If u have like 3.5k score + 7 kills + 10 assits +2 cap and 2 deaths u earn +0 points and if you do the same score but you lose you’ll get -4 which is a lot in top 50.
They rly need to change how to earn points

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