Spring mayhem: CAP THE POINTS

Seen way to many people complaining in game and here that they are constantly loosing points. Yet loosing points is near impossible as long as you cap at least one point. Seriously as long as you get an even K/D (with assists counting as kills for that so 1 kill 3 assists and 4 deaths equals out.) you can not loose points as long as you have a point capped, you are not going to gain points in that situation shown but you will get a +0 points (this is an actual example I had 1.4k points)

Guide for the mode to not loose points even if you suck.

Step one: go to the safe cap, this is the one closest to your spawn.
step two: cap it
Step three: move to the center cap and poke targets.

Step four: play match normally, make sure to recap safe point as needed.

Do not ignore the points, do not rush the mid point at the start. You will loose points. so long as you cap at least one point and do ok you will not loose points.

And if you feel you are going to loose points, swap to sniper head to mid of map and bully a bot for 1 or 2 free kills.

Last time i played this mode I capped 2 points (1 from the start, 1 from the enemy), had like 5 assists and got 3 kills, all on artillery, one of those kills a lucky helicopter kill through sheer dumb luck

+0 points

At that point I decided that this mode can go fornicate with itself for all i care


In a burning dumpster!

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thats because your not in higher leagues or in top 100.
In top 100 doing 3k score /5 kills/ 7 assits/2 caps/1 death =+0 or -1 even if you win and doing the same with a defeat is -4 which is a lot.