Spring mayhem mismatch correction suggestion

So, in this fight, we were down two players on our team from the get go. A third dropped shortly after the start.

I was second place on the losing team, and though I know I performed well, I also knew that we would lose. So I fought hard not to get points in rank, but simply to try to keep from losing more. This is not fair at all, as it drops me in rank rapidly - due to no fault of my own, or those of the team that was able to maintain connection and play. A loss is a loss, I get that. But a loss due to server instability - which I’m guessing this is - needs to be addressed.

My suggestion. If one or both teams have players lose connection at the start of a match, it should be declared a mismatch and we should go back to the queue. It sucks, but it sucks a lot less than having to fight for several minutes knowing that no matter how good you do, you’re going to lose.

Good suggestion. Or, they could just do some math & if 1/4 of your team bails, boost your rewards & ranking by the appropriate percentage. There could be dozens of easy fixes for this.

I have 0% confidence they’ll fix it.

As is, I’m only playing the brawl for fun. I’m not even going to look at the rewards. Aside from the top tier, they’re all pretty freakin’ lame to me. Oooh… a sticker! LOL The BP rewards are lame as well aside from that StillWind. I do like a good duck on my rig, too, so there’s that. I’d sooner just buy it from the market.

I’d rather spend my time having fun that stressing over attempting to accomplish any of this. That’s my new M.O.

why not have the ranking loss based solely on your own performance example if you had max performance on team you lose nothing. if you have max performance in game you still gain a point or 2 even if on losing team?

IF there is a disconnect then there ZERO gain or loss. where time itself is lost. that your not in a match you could actually win.

Every drop out of mayhem i have had has been a unknown network error. that I been in and I gave up on it because its happening way too often. where its NO fault of my own.

Also lets fix it if there is a LOSS then NO points gained. it shouldn’t be negative points. PERIOD there are too many factors as to why the team lost.
especially if everyone is running as random rather than squad.

example I am the only one on team even attempting to capture bases. all the others refused to do it. and we lost miserably and even when I captured the bases I still nabbed highest team points.

but still got negative points because the few players on team did NOT understand HOW to play mayhem.

You MUST capture the bases and try to hold the majority while at same time killing the enemy. the points per kill goes up directly proportional to number of bases captured.

And I am doing base captures with sniper of all things. because the rest of team wasn’t trying to capture bases at all. while enemy had a heli going from base to base. flying high so no one could shoot them.


Holding bases is really important for winning, but also seems important at giving you ranking points. I don’t really understand that part of it, but I think I’ve only lost points once. Having said that, I have a lot of +1 matches, which isn’t anything to brag about, but still nice to get from a losing match. I really like that you can still get some points from a losing match, if you put in the work.

I think I actually like all the builds, which is a first for a mayhem event.

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I agree there should be no loss of points due to a team loss. Many players queue solo and get teamed up with bad teams every other match, we should not be penalized (lose points) for getting a bad team who has no clue how the mode works and how important base capture is. No fault of our own at all, so why would we lose points? Makes no sense and it’s unfair.

The leaderboards rank players individually, for their individual ratings, so it makes no sense to calculate match ratings and lose points for each player based on random teams’ wins and losses.

After only playing this mode for 3 or 4 days, I already had more bases captured than 99% of the players, so you’re not alone, I share your pain. Hard to believe so many at the highest league still haven’t learned it’s crucial to capture bases.

I don’t know why kills and assists give more individual score than capturing bases when capturing bases is way more important. If no one captures bases, the team loses.

I also think the queue should be solo only, when some ppl have to join with their clan or premade of 5 friends, creates an unfair advantage against solo players.

also they need to fix the tank build I believe there is a bug that makes it impossible to shoot the tank cannon off. I have hit cannon like 5-6 times with direct double shots from sniper and I can NOT remove the cannon no matter how many times I hit it.

yet I have 3 gas tanks directly under my cannnons , that blow BOTH my cannnons off with ultimate ease.

@ wild marshmellow I entirety agree with you only solo cue for competition matches like mayhem. the difference is light and day when its a preselect squad cuing against all randoms. There was NO fair sportsman like competition when certain players cue as squads always, where their support for one another allows them to easily rack points up with minimal risk. and lowers risk of dying which I believe lowers your points to get at end of match.

example squads agree to capture bases as a group randoms its like trying to herd cats to a base to capture it. and at time random team refuses to capture bases which is a sure way to lose the match, that lowers your points as well significantly. there are matches where I am the ONLY one capturing bases is a sniper which is the slowest vehicle in the competition. I go with sniper because thats what I am good at.

definitely need to nerf tanks and make the cannon removable. I have NOT once been able to shoot the cannon off tank every other weapon in spring mayhem been able to destroy/remove.

There should be only one fuel tank under the cannons of sniper NOT 3. Since fuel tanks don’t stack under other circumstances. because it takes only 1 cannon shot JUST ONE to destroy the sniper if direct hit on fuel tank.

You mentioned some of the problems of clans and premade teams vs solo players, many reasons why it’s unfair and shouldn’t happen. Another example is how clans usually always are talking to each other over voice chat, which is another massive advantage over solo players and very unfair.

I wasn’t aware of the immortal cannon issue you mentioned. This mode definetly needs balancing. I don’t know how Crossout devs usually are at working on balance of game modes.

Another big problem and balance issue I came across is how op the scouts controlled by bots are, urgently need a nerf or fix. In matches where we go against only 3 humans and the rest are all bots, if some of them are scouts and we’re in a chopper, we can’t even get close to them because they never miss a shot, are very fast, relenless, just keep coming and coming and coming, like obsessive Terminators, shoot at us from all across the map, have insane range and accuracy and can destroy a chopper with only a few shots. I don’t mind a challenge but this is just unfair and wrong, like they cheat with an aimbot and never miss. A creative solution or fix is needed to make them still challenging but not godlike like they are now against choppers.

seemed like when I have played on pc, most people just ignore bases and kill bots. There are a lot of bots on pc.

I only played a few games on the Box though, before the patch.

I played the mayhem a couple of times this season but the rewards for the time spent grinding are crap so i gave up on that.

Im just not worried about some sticker rewards ill probably never use…its not like it’s new paint! Now that would be something to care about. Good luck getting those top rewards…or figuring how to get them!

gave up on mayhem because of all the unfair bans for unknown network errors that I had ZERO control over. they need to fix that mismatch too where those with great connections never get banned but those with lesser connections constantly getting banned up to 15 minutes per unknown network error. there are ways they can detect if the network was lost due to player disconnecting vs a real network failure. They are NOT using it.

THis leads to extreme imbalance in competition for players trying to play continuously to get into the top 500. when half their time or more spent in banned time out room at no fault of their own. .

my full stats thus far is 151 /98%, 68/97% 311/96% 314/95% 220/98% PSN NAmerica.

the last stat is reason my kills are lower. often would be on base alone and it takes forever to capture with nothing to shoot at.