Spring mayhem statistic

Sample my stats, because a lot of players still write to me that I’m not good, and I don’t help the team. My best position was 18th place, again I dropped due to 3 bad battles. If anyone has any advice on how to earn more + points, please write , thank you and have a nice playing

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I wish I could help.

The question is: Why would anyone play that many games in this event?

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For fun? God forbid someone enjoys doing something and therefore does that thing

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Holy mother of god. And I keep telling me I play this game too much.


Nice stats but wait for the Steel Championship :crazy_face:

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Nice! This brawl pays out good too so you must have banked a lot of scrap. I really get into some brawls like Radiance, but Spring Mayhem has never been my thing.

Lol :joy: exactly.

That’s a huge amount of games.

GGs to him

i tested this today…
and if your 700+…well…rigged game from here…
most i got is +2

next games–minus 3 or -1 or 0…
the game doesn’t give +10 or +17 or more anymore…
basically making you quit…

i do it for the brawls because they lock them for some stupid reason…

(like i said i tested to see if i played the same i should get +8 or more every game,right?)

  • NO :crazy_face:

it’s been dumb down alot if you die it’s minus 5 or some crap…
better to just quit playing it …or go Insane…

anyway,here’s where i’m at…

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Interesting. Between the tester account and my main I played maybe 20 games.

I didn’t get out of rust league, would win, then lose the points… win then lose the points. so I quit to never return.

Kudos to people that like the mode though.

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That looks to be the same with the OP too.

He just has a slightly better win ratio then 50/50.

It is 56.48% to be exact.

So, with that being said, maybe that is why the people in the top ranks are messaging him. I don’t condone that, but I can see in this situation where every single win maters that you might have a few dudes out there that care waaaaay more about this mode then they should and every lose really pisses them off.

If he is slightly above 50% wins, then what do you think the dudes in the top ten have to be at? I bet those guys are like 70-80% wins with a team. (Maybe more)

So yeah… I can understand why someone would be pissed to get a 56% player on their team. The guys messaging him are D-bags, but I do understand it.

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I just wish I had that much free time to play!.

I played like three games and got bored.


Me too, good for him.

But even if I had the free time, I personally could not play 600+ games where I was losing almost half of them.

That is nothing against the OP, I couldn’t care less how they spend their time.

To me - That does not sound fun.

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I always thought I sucked, but someone on here pointed out you can look at your flawed k/d and history in the game, and found I won a lot more than I thought I did. 50/50 would probably lead me to another game.

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For the grind?
I don’t know, but i’ve most have done some similar number of battles in the propeller thing and in Radiance.
I’ve done 15 k wires in the propeller thing
i’ve done some 30/36 k scrap in radiance.
But now, i’m out of juice.

I’ve just done a battle, I don’t play in 2 days (work)

And this came out.

For some reason i thought i had hundreds of battles…but no. Apparently only done this many but it fell like hundreds.


I didn’t even do enough to unlock the stat screen.

It just says “You must play 10 blah blah blah”

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More kills than most players, more assists than most players, more base caps than most players, and still not a 50/50 win ratio. That was my experience, too.

It even says MORE WINS than 71% of players.

Something is seriously wrong with this stupid thing.

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Hmmmm… does that count people that didn’t even play?


Good question… considering how transparent the devs are at how anything works, we’ll never know. :clown_face:

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