Spring mayhem

Kind of a given at this point.

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If a player had missed all the previous BPs (maybe they’re new, or just didn’t want to buy them), how much useful stuff could they get from this mini-BP?
None of the stuff is very interesting to me, since I already have most of it, but I’m curious whether it would be useful for someone trying to catch up on missed BPs?

I am not a fan of this year’s spring mayhem scoring system unless you’re consistently scoring 1000 points plus you’re actually losing points even on the first stage. Would have been better if they kept it so you wouldn’t lose points cuz for a mode you have to rely on randoms it isn’t always possible to earn 1000 plus points when your teammates fall apart like a paper house in a rain storm.
The rewards aren’t enticing enough for me to deal with being placed on teams where people do donuts and shoot up into the air, yes that actually happened more than once and both times were different people doing it.

I would say returning the point-lost system was a bad move, keeping it so you just didn’t get points would be better but even on the first stage you lose points …
Maybe better rewards or closing the gaps between levels if you’re gonna return the overly grindy system for those you can only exceed with it who play this game 12 hours a day.
I already see that this is copter battles 2.0 as most people want to play them so when 3 of them gang up on you, well you’re dead.
I dislike modes that offer lackluster rewards for premium grind time and may not even play it often as 3 wins in this brawl for a resource container of 20 copper/scrap isn’t worth playing 20 games to get 3 wins because my match-making luck gets me donuts and shooting up in the air teammates or gangs of rocket copters if you’re not in a copter

I recant.

The helicopters are… soooo much fun.

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Feels good to have bought 31,000 batteries at 45-55 coins apiece last month. You can buy them back starting at 120. (happily gloating).

Seriously, for an experienced player, there isn’t much that can really improve your inventory. -spread +durability Stillwinds are some of those things. They are the hardest hitting range weapon in the game, other than the Heather. They go great on a Leviathan, and -spread helps Stillwind’s biggest problem which is the horrible reticle bloom when moving.

Also, out of all my stuff, my -spread Cyclones are my best most consistent weapons. They hit hard at all ranges and always put work in.

If you have the resources, for $10, you can craft two or three Stillwinds assuming you can scrape together some Arguments and assuming you have the Tempura blueprint. (This is a big assumption).

There have been plenty of mini passes aimed at new players. This pass is for veterans. Tempuras Arguments and Blockchains are veteran weapons as well. You only see Arguments and Blockchains on fused out hovers run by some crusty 20,000+ battle veteran getting some kicks in. You only see Tempuras on some filthy blight seal clubber one shotter build run by a veteran player.

The -Mass +Mass Yoko cab looks kind of cool as well. You usually only see Yokos with King mines and Skinners but some shotguns run with Yokozuna.

I’m going to craft the Stillwinds. I’m still waiting for a +power Hadron, a +mass Nova, and a +range Flash event, but those items may never come.

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I like the futuristic setting of the game mode. The Helicopters are fun to play, it seems like most people flock to Helicopters and scout cars. I rarely see players use the Tank or Artillery vehicle.

It appears to me they may have a whaling gag running. I think it’s a little funny. I think maybe they are trying to sponge off all the crap they’ve over-saturated the game with.

IMO…nevermind. I think this game sort of sucks lately. That’s the edited, heavily redacted, Reader’s Digest version. You’re welcome.


Yep. At least Stillwinds and BLockchains are powerful when played correctly on the right build. Athena is mediocre on the right build.

Another “CASH GRAB EVENT” for Crossout. I am tired of this trend already… Its really lame that where paying for season pass (BATTLE PASS) plus now $10 for events too that only mess up the market.

Do a good update not trash ones. Do the merge of pc and Xbox platform, Make the game Crossplatform already and get it over with. STOP TRYING TO GET RICH… Just make a new game if you cant leave stuff alone on Crossout.


Save those. The way they have been doing passes etc… you might need 6 for the one after this one.

This is the point of a business adventure is it not?

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yea , now im regretting using the arguments from a previous pass to fuse my spectres on april fools , ohwell im sitting the legendary crafting out this time for sure

I might see if I can craft a Stillwind without buying the pass. Sold one a while ago when prices went haywire, but still have the one from the BP that’s getting lonely.