Spring mayhem


i dont like the way this one is going to work , the crafting table looks awful , using fused items to craft fused items


we’ll be getting all the fused items through the mini BP it offers. Just as long as you get the whole BP, then, you’ll be able to craft at least 1 of those items.

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looks like for any of the legendary well have to craft an extra fused blockchain though

i thought I saw that the fused Block chain takes the 3 Tempura’s that we’ll get from leveling past max?? I might be wrong.

takes 4 fused block chains though , i think the bp will only give 2

edit , never mind i watched again but closer

they should have a coin for crown exchange lol

I hate Spring Mayhem… crappy pre-built rigs that there’s zero% chance anyone would use outside this event… because… they suck. LOL

They’re actually worse than the Spring Drones in playability to me.

Then, the amount of work you have to put into getting those rewards is always insane. Like, that’s all the playing I’d be able to do. For the duration of the event, every match I’d play would have to be with these crap builds in this crap mode.

Anyway… childish rant over. LOL

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yea i probably wont spend much time on the event , ill grab the bp because even if i dont craft a legendary ill still get a bunch of stuff i dont have

It gives you three fused Blockchains and a blueprint for a fused one too. I bet they pull another stunt on the repeating Tempuras, like they did with the Iris. I don’t know why they wouldn’t…well, I have no reason to suspect they won’t.

Thanks for posting the leak. Too bad it’s not more exciting. Nothing there caught my eye anyway, but I’ll watch it again in case I missed something too.

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they trolled us by giving us a buttload of summators in this last one though , i crafted with them and still somehow have 6


I think I’ll be passing on this one too.
Just not interested in the mini-BPs, but I can see how they’re useful for some players. Just not me.


Mind you, there isn’t the way of getting the basic Yoko or Stillwind. You will get only one (probably) fused and you can re-fuse (or what is it) already existing ones you have. But craft regular one? Naaah.

Other than that, this BP doesn’t even have any CK. It doesn’t have any really good reward which can be unlocked by paying for it.

And the event itself seems like a simple battle royale or whatever it is.

Hard pass.

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In the video, his Armored tracks (from the new pack) look shorter and wider than what I’m running currently. A CK isn’t going to change those parameters, is it? The CK I currently have doesn’t fit that profile. In the mouse-over menu for that item, the description (in the video at 1:41) reads like so: “Sets the armored car in motion. The wider and shorter the track base, the less the turning radius.”

What I’m getting at is that it looks like an update I haven’t seen or heard about, and isn’t addressed in this video. The Armored tracks in this video look shorter and wider than the ones in game presently.


It just might be.

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if i had chosen the stillwind over the beholder whatever mini battle pass that was id be excited about the stillwind … but yokozuna seems kinda useless imo

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Rip to Stillwinds value, you were more expensive than the brand new super vip weapon Athena so they had to nerf down your price somehow

Feels good to not have invested in the stillcoin


I see this as a huge fail I don’t think they are listening to what the community wants. Rather they are trying to use up the odd recourse silos they created that were never necessary in the first place. This is just sad layed on sad for an otherwise good game despite it’s small shortcoming’s. Dear dev’s please talk to us more.


BTW you can craft one, ONE, pre-fused Still if you have some arguments in your pocket. Because you’re gonna need one pre-fused Argument and that requires two regular Arguments.

And for some reason they changed ne weekly challenge from “Greet 5 guests” to “Destroy 25 enemies with shotguns or melee”.

No this event is really stupid so much to the point that they are requiring stabilizers that are not widely popular into the crafting recipes.


You guys didn’t think another mini-pass was going to be dumb? I think we even have time to add a one more before the main BP is over.

I’m really hating the new way they are doing things.