Stabilizers cost

Hey all,
am I missing something or is there absolutely no point to buy stabilizers in order to sell an item? Cost far outweighs any gain. Thanks.

Yup, pretty much, there’s no point in unfusing at the ridiculous cost the devs that totally play their own game put up.

If people are generally going to unfuse, it’s for guns that suck or have been made to suck with balance changes, and guns that suck don’t sell for that high to begin with

Devs are either doing it on purpose or have way too bloated of an opinion on how much people “enjoy” grinding stabilizers from crates.

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Total UseLess Thing, This Kind of Event lol. Who Normally Sell Crafted Parts :man_facepalming:

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I’m dumping most of my stabilizers… not trying to game the PC market at all. I’ll literally never use any of them, so why not?

Just in case, I’m keeping a couple of each, which is 2 more than I think I’ll ever use.

They were efficient few hours until prices gone up. They still are if you infusing parts that highly exceed their rarity average price.

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