I now have over 40 of these useless pieces of garbage. All we now get are junk stabilizers. I will never use them. When I did use one, I saw no difference. Why are we not at least allowed to salvage these useless junk?


They would be more useful if the Devs hadn’t reverted the upgrade rolls on unlocked upgrades to fully random again.

It would be nice if they could be salvaged or or used as a wild card when recycling though.

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I can’t get enough stabilizers especially Epic tier ones. Ive upgraded over 250 items mostly trying for perfect upgrades.

I’m glad stabilizers exist because before getting perfects was extremely costly.

I have roughly 30 different fully upgraded builds.

Just got perfect 2x Whirlwinds anticipating the buff soon.

I’m in the same boat as you. I also use them.

BUT for most players this is pointless junk.

We should be able to scrap or sale on market for people that don’t need them.


We should be able to scrap or sell the stabilzers AND the stickers too. I upgraded two remedy flamethrowers, it wasn’t worth it and I won’t be upgrading any other weapons. As for the stickers…

Y u upgraded flamers? Tons of weapons benefit greatly from perfect fusion, but not flamers u_u

I will gladly give you all of mine if I could. LOL

I do agree with this. I do use fuse but yet to use stabilzers. I will use them at some point. Does anyone know, if can I only use one each time I refuse an item? Or I can use 2 at the same time?

To dev… Please do let players to adding more way to use or exchange them. They are a little like flags, some players won’t find use for them. Thank you.

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It’s one stabilizer per upgrade aspect you want to lock.

You can lock 2 traits with 2 stabilizers at the same time. The mess up thing is that does not mean that the 3rd trait will not be the same when rerolled.

It only means the two traits you locked will not change.

The third unlocked trait is random.

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And I guess the two stabilized traits do not stay staibilized, do they? :’^)

I’m not complaining about stabilizers. I’m mostly annoyed at how slow it is to accumulate enough epic/legendary ones to do anything meaningful with them. TFW you need 50+ to fuse your epic movement parts, but barely get 1 epic stabilizer/month.

I kinda hope Targem releases another free pack with tons of rares I already have that I can recycle for stabilizers… I don’t like stabilizers enough to buy BPs where they replaced actual parts that take efforts to make for the devs.

The stabilizers in BPs are BS.

I would rather a sticker… and I don’t want stickers in the BP.


At least they have to draw new stickers for that… Slapping crap like stabilizers, storage/bp expansions, and workpieces of stuff like Aurora in their BPs to avoid diverting their 3d or 2d artists away from packs tho… bleargh.

Agree, super lazy.

I’m sure this company is trying to milk every last penny. At this point they are putting very little resources into this game.

I used to work on a game dev team like 20 years ago. And we could produce more content in a week or two then it takes them 3-4 months to produce.

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Thank you.

This has taken great % of randomness out of the fusing. Great with the fusing offers.

I agree theyre really meh especialy as a reward for prestige levels, at least with those it gave blues and possibly gave people more incentive to go to lower ps with them idk. Also you guys know you can craft the blue stabilisers > special> epic> legendary > relic right?

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There is literally no reason why you should not be able to recycle stabilizers for resources or be able to utilize them in any kind of a way for those who don’t do mass fusions with an endless wallet

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I remember there was time when each time upgrade discount event was on, stabilizers became sell-able. Now they not, and I need them though.

  • When was last time they were sell-able? (I took few months break from game)
  • How can one get word out to devs effectively? The only one way I know is using reddit discussion under news when possible.