Stacking craftables

what im referring to is normally when you craft an item you can only craft 1 at a time. i kind of want to be able to craft multiples at a time. soooo why not multiples at a time?
like why do i have to craft 1 blue at a time, wait 15 minutes then go grab it and then do the next one?
i want to be able to que up my blues to be able to craft multiples. like lets say i want to make… 10 balloon tires for example, why cant i make 2 right off the bat then que up the remaining 8?
how it would work is every time you que up the items itll make it blacked out, then when the 15 minutes is up for the first part itll automatically take the next part with all the materials required to make it. so in the end if you have different items you can retrieve them all at the end when the time is up or grab them as they get done being made and the next one goes in the que.

idk what do you all think?


I doubt this would ever be implemented.
You are talking about removing an incentive to log in and play.
Probably not conducive to their “get them to log in and form a habit” model.

The did remove the 24 hour wait between switching factions. That also added to the time it took to craft more complicated recipes. So, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that they’d do this, but I agree with PatentsPending that’s it’s unlikely. Most games do this to one degree or another to get you to return repeatedly.

It’s really bad on mobile games like Clash of Clans.

I would at least like to see queuing for crafting (which I’ve seen on other games), but that’s just as unlikely.

Dumb they ever had that. Why would anyone want to wait 24 hours to make another part? Bad business to artificially limit your customers spending ability if you do not have to.


Is crafting ever worth it? I can’t see the value.

They made crafting stackable for common items a while ago. I see no reason they couldn’t do it for the other rarities.

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It could really gum up an account if they did it for the longer taking rarities and didn’t put a cancel from que button in.

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It’s worth it when you are in the beginner stage starting a new account. Once you join fighting real people… not so much because of the reward difference. (no numbers to back this up, just how it “feels”)

I craft a lot, just because I like the satisfaction of “making” something.

Also, if I’m just selling resources to buy something, I only get that dopamine hit when I finally buy the item. If I’m crafting everything from scratch, I get a little thrill with each completed ingredient item, so it’s more fun for me and I get less impatient.


I mainly pile stuff up to sell it now. I am crafting a fortune … but only craft an item toward it if its the daily.

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I see…You’re so very amicable…not like “that other kid”.

I’ve got a crap-ton of workpieces, so I was wondering. At a glance, it just looks tedious to me, and cheaper to just sell the resources and buy the desired item off the market…but can understand the allure of immersion.

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Workpieces often make it cheaper to craft, so if you have some for items you want, use them! Also, check to see if you have workpieces for the ingredients, as that can also save you resources/coins.

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Sometimes crafting is cheaper sometimes it isn’t. You kind of just have to go with the flow and do the math. Often I end up crafting things to sell, so I can buy items I want.

They don’t make any. I wish they did, but 75% of the stuff available in this game I have no interest in…I like the structure parts.

I don’t seem to be able to summon any discernible interest in the enormous variety of guns and modules this game boasts. I like building stuff, but IDGAF about what guns there are. I can’t see any difference between the Hulk and the Little Boy, for example. To me, they appear to both do the exact same thing, just at different power-scores, but with the exact same results. I really don’t get that part of this game.

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i see what the op is saying…
and why not craft more than 1 item at a time,if u need 4 wheels crafted then put them in a que…
everything remains the same anyway(you pay coin to speed up the process)…
if you you want to wait at least your waiting for 4 items and not 1, 'start being more friendly crossout, we are the only friends you have lol. :crazy_face:

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Crafting needs a make-over from top to bottom, IMO. This is supposed to be a game, right? I’m not seeing the allure. Not unto the depths the developers seem to think might be fun to go, anyway. How long is it supposed to take to craft a relic, for example? One year? Three? IDK. I loose interest in the feature long before I can track it very far. That’s a LOT of menus to go through, and I just end up lost and thinking, “Why am I doing this?”

I think the current crafting system is an unattractive and tedious feature, and it looks pointless to boot. I’m seeking clarity on that last point.

I’m about to sell a bunch of resources, is the reason for my sudden interest.

Same… I’ve tried to do the math to figure out which is cheaper - buying or crafting. In truth, I don’t care enough to figure it out. I’ve tried selling resources to buy, and I’ve tried crafting. For whatever reason, I enjoy crafting more. So, that’s mostly what I do.

Same… that’s a big motivation for me with the battle passes. Alas, it’s also a big motivator for me with the dailies & weeklies. That way, I can spend badges on structural parts I’ve missed out on. At the moment, I have all the ones I want that are available (I think).

The menu probably could be simplified. Right now we look at it very much from a faction view. They could offer some others. Right now though the only other is slightly hidden but is accessible via the tech tree.

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Have you got all the bonus structure parts by getting the prestige levels on the various factions? I’m getting close to getting all of them, but still have a few left.

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That’s one of the things I wish I’d known to do early on… switch factions to max out the prestige levels. I’m getting there, but am still a long way off.