Stale builds

Anyone else feel like the new codrivers made the wasteland even staler than before? All I see now are shotguns, light machine guns and an occasional machinegun/minigun build

Energy weapons and cannons as a whole seem to be gone (excluding bots) and non-tracking missiles as well, and I don’t see many hovers around either, autocannons as a whole seem to be gone as well. Feels like everyone is currently running a light machinegun wedge for whatever reason.

Did the loss of so many weapon boosting codrivers really make so many weapons suck so much that everyone’s gotta play with a crutch easy win build? Things feel even staler when it comes to build variety than it was before

and I don’t see many hovers around either


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Well… it’s true that there is a rise of more basic weaponry. But it makes more sense from a logical perspective…

In a post apocalyptic scenario, you would probably see more machine guns and similar basic weapons, than expensive cannons with their expensive ammo shells, or rockets, and even less hi tech lasers and flying machines… They would be there but in a big fight where survivors fund their own crafts, these would be much rarer and in smaller number.

I like that tbh. But that’s just me because to me, atmosphere and the feel of it matters a lot. This just makes it a little more believable to me. No matter how far fetched it is.

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yeah crickets died so hard, i was always an advocate for them being balanced and changing them would kill them and look what happened, kind of a joke really that they think a 10% fire rate might actually help, it needs like a 50% or so

Compared to how it was before, you used to have at least 1-2 hovers per team each match and ran into groups of 4 people all running the same meta hover build, and generally saw hovers a lot more

Now you run into groups of 4 people all running the same meta rapid fire machinegun wedge and maybe see 1 hover on a team on a very rare occasion

Could it be that all the shotgun wedgetables have found out that with RFMGs you get better energy efficiency, 5 times the max range, better weapon HP per energy and better DPS per energy than with shoutguns now? If that’s the case, you guys are gonna wish to have shotgun wedges back real soon, lol.
I’ll hate to see my RFMGs nerfed if the wedgetables spread too much, though.

I don’t recall that ever NOT being the case with Crossout, sadly. And every time I mentioned that, someone was REEing at me for one reason or another.

It does suck that the game is 40% trash players in trash builds 55% meta tryhards and 5% doing well with non meta builds

probably even 30/65/5

I see now every match around 70% machine gun players. Devs make this game worse and worse with every “update”. Looks like they make an “update” let players test it by releasing it fuk up the game and then trying to fix it

All of my builds start off in this 5% - but because I only build cars that can withstand top CWs my builds become Meta.

I love posting up links to show someone one of my builds in chat and getting some kind of reply like “Meta Trash” because I know the first time I posted those builds no one had seen that before. And people like my original builds so much that they become Meta.

So you have a new category to add. And this one is more like 1%

I’m seeing all kinds of builds in PVP these days. You guys must be on the lame servers or something.
I got killed by so many different guns today, it was great!


Clan wars is all meta why even bring it up, you have a weird hard-on for bringing up your clan wars stuff, its like attention seeking so the max it’s getting weird, I thought you were just another guy who needed gaming validation but it feels beyond that now, just like trying to say how much money you make etc, it’s weird and screams insecurity.

No you don’t lol

no, lol

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Wait! You mean using weapons where you have to aim is easy???
I thought aiming was such a huge skill that using auto aim weapons is the crutch!

Now, you say using Machineguns is the crutch???

Rockets are rare because - as for drivers - Atitlan is useless for rocket launchers of locust/cricket/snowfall type. You need way to many hits before you have 1-2 boosted shots. I hope they rebalacne her to boost somehting besides Incinerator.
Also Wasp overperforms as much as any non.guided above underperforms for the PS. You see wasp hit hard up into 7k PS. There should be cricket terriotory, but cricket isnt that much better to justify PS increase. Snowfall is a tease - i love how it feels, but is just slightly to slow for consistent success.
Also - I still see plenty of little boys and hulks on Harpy builds.

Only hulks I ever run into these days are the Echo Hulk builds