Hi, devs. I have a 2 Stallion and 2 Bigfoot build where I use the Stallions ability for aiming weapons, not some gimmicky hack of tonnage or whatever. All of a sudden I can’t use the build – it’s some 700 kg overweight. Surely this is a bug of some sort that you didn’t foresee with this update, isn’t it?

read the update notes. if you have expanded ammo packs on it then they upped the weight of the packs. was 288 now its 408. that might be why. if not then read the latest patch notes.

My build or my gameplay have nothing to do with the problems that this patch is aimed to fix. That’s why I’m posting this in the Bug Reports.

stallions are “low” movement parts, whilst bigfoots are medium height. that might be it, the stallions don’t provide any extra tonnage