State of crossout on playstation

Hi all , I have played crossout for a while now on ps4, my in game name is superbike12345, when I quit cw was fun , there was of course the melee but it was manageable and we could still succeed with enough skill and teamwork. I took a year and a half’s break from crossout because I was getting burned out spending 4+hours a day on this game, and when I came back a couple weeks ago I was horrified at what I saw. Melees aren’t even the main issue , they have been pushed to the side by an even greater one! I was a typhoon hover player when I quit and im back now and using my same build, from what I’ve seen ij the settings aim assist (aka aimbot) has been nerfed , which is good. But it seems everyone suspiciously has pin pount accuracy now ? Like it is a bit odd. I’ve known these guys from when I was playing before and they were decent average players ,it seems bow everyone and there mother is now a aiming expert. Also the punisher spam is absolutely outrageous. In clan wars in diamond league everyone is running punishers. There’s nothing I can do with my typhoon. I hit them once for like 800 damage then before I reload they close the distance and I lose a gun. And it’s VERY strange how all of these punishers seem to be the most accurate mother F4ckers on the planet. I bought my puni for 20k , they are now almost 50k!! This is just plain stupid and a night mare to deal with. Im sure all melee and spider players will agree with me, that something needs to be done about this. I truly regret ranting about melee all this time because a team with at meant 2 punis and they know what they are doing and it’s GGS . no gun should be this powerfull. Even if we compare perks , wow I slow down reload by 40 percent. As if that even matters now that everyone’s running hadron king. But a triple punisher can deal the damage of 6 punis when his perk his active . Yh it’s over before it even started. Please do something about this. It’s just pure unfair and most importantly, unbalanced. You could beat a full breaker or dog team with goof teamwork and positioning. You can’t against punishers. No weapon is safe from them , no matter how durable they are , or how hidden they are , because I don’t know how but these top 300 players who I was absolutely SMOKING before with my phoons are now aim gods. Something strange is happening, did they buff AA instead of nerfing it ? No idea what happening rn. Also a side note. They must’ve nerfed phoons ciz I’m doing less dmg with the new co , from 560 to like 525 or say increase the punis spread and make the perks length shorter , xuz it seems wayyyy to accurate as it stands. This my experience with ps4 diamond cw on playstation , is it the same for u xbox and pc guys also?

I wonder how many people cheat with mouse and keyboard even on crossout, any comp pvp on console is full of it now, sad cheaters

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Mouse click wars haha

I am PC player for … well… a long time i guess from 2017.

There has been 2 times i suspected people for cheating in game but really, i think they were just good players as i met them later with different weapons and they were not so good.

PC anti-cheat is pretty tough to the poinit if you get more than i disconnect from the game it gives you a ban for cheating. I know there are many aim bots and other things out there but i think it is VERY risky for people who have an expensive account to try bots to help with wins.

A while ago 143 playrs got banned for match fixing from PC so i think when cross-play comes, what worries me the most is that auto aim that consol players have that pc players dont.

Console does not have auto aim.

The aim assist feature was nerfed into the ground many many patches ago.

It is complete garbage now. It makes aiming with long range weapons even worse.

You have nothing to worry about.

That is why you have not saw a thread about this topic in like what? A half a year or more? I can’t even remember how long ago, it’s been that long.

well don’t, as much as the aim assist is still quite hefty on console for those who choose to use it, it doesn’t compare to aiming with a mouse so there shouldn’t be any complaint.

Any PC player complaining that they think aim assist makes controller aiming unfair must be absolutely awful, aiming on a mouse is far superior, when I go from playing lets say Overwatch on xbox to playing on PC it’s wild like I can actually aim properly and have so much control.

It’s us on console that need to worry about PC players using cheats which is a widespread issue on even triple A games.

Current aim assist:


This 100%

I always see players in console conplaining about “cheaters” but it has been years since i last heard about it happening on PC and the especific “cheats” on PC were queue manipulation, it was an issue with the game, no cheating software was even involved, the developers banned everyone who used it even once or “allegedly” used it, and removed queue by region from CW as a whole.

When you hear about console players talking about cheating it is a controller that run Macros.

PC players have Macro Keyboards even, but this is not called cheating by PC players. It is just a tool.

So both use the same thing, just one side does not consider it cheating.

If the most popular triple A games on PC have a cheater problem then you know for sure Crossout will have a bunch too that just aren’t caught, you don’t have that potential on console.

The way people cheat on console is get an adapter to act as an emulator to mimic controller inputs while using a mouse and keyboard in games which don’t permit mouse and keyboard. They do this to have superior aim in mostly fps games against controller players where native use of mouse and keyboard hasn’t been allowed which is then seen as cheating

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In the rules (of the PC version of crossout atleast) it crearly states that macros are not allowed and you will get permanentelly banned for using them; i saw multiple people get banned for using macros. And being good with multiple weapons does not mean the user is a cheater.

Do you think every cheater just gets caught right away? …

Just have to deal with the fact that theres so much potential for cheating from the PC side compared to console and the mouse and keyboard aiming also gives them an advantage, c’mon on now

Here is a small article by Intel.

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Would you try to do air controller too?: British boffins make touchless computing tech on the cheap • The Register

I think aiming is easier on PC but driving is better on console.

On PC, as you only have keys, you are either doing full steering lock turning but on console you can do gradual turns. What you lose in one you gain in another so it probably evens everything out