Stay calm, everyone

In the new badge quests, you can still get the 2400 badge if you don’t participate in CW, and the prerequisite is to join an active clan and then play some of the new CC


Be specific in your point of view

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I think that is the only thing that troll account does.

And I agree with your post.

I am calm.

I am also not playing CrossOut anymore because I want to remain calm.

I play so I can escape responsibility.

Real or not, the perceived responsibility to do my share in a clan or band is very unappealing.

It means instead of chilling out and goofing off, I feel I need to perform to retain my membership in the clan.

Not fun.


I’m not so sure of that…

  • I’m in an inactive clan.

  • yeah, i like my beefy builds overall, but they are made or were made to face cannons, not clan META builds or seal clubbing clan builds at 12 K PS

  • I’m a casual player (currently undergoing a down period cause vacations, i’m swamped in work but i will return in October) and i’m a small “fish” in this bigger picture.

I need badges for the raw materials ( i’m not even speaking about containers).

What i’m gonna do without the dailies?

Same as a lot of us bud, its just really disheartening that this has been implemented and the majority of people are unhappy. The minority may be happy or not to bothered because they are already loaded and are basically only bothered about CW. Sad stuff…

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Can never be loaded. People had relics… then they rolled out blueprint change between matches. Now you need multiple… Say you have all relics - now comes fused relics… And if you have that… new relics and legendary are always on the way.

I thought too about workaround.
First thing is - badges is just extra coin or parts for newbies. You got 600 for weekly do damage in confront and BP and miniBP progress. So that’s some.
If you not comfortable with playing what you got and slowly progressing to something - you got to rethink what you do, cause you probably don’t play the game for fun but just hooked up on the grind.
And about workaround… I thought on joining… or better still, create my own clan for this thing. Some free boys band without any obligation BUT you only get 4 x 50 badges challenges for just having clan to exist.
All other only unlock as you progress in confrontation league. And that takes cooperation and all the crap we solo don’t want.
If you thinking someone will have you as dead weight on the clan - good luck. Won’t work for everyone, not supposed to. Clan got extra for competing, why would they drag some dead weight… they might but it’s sort of chance thing. And 3 day limit switch and progress reset probably too.

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Here is a different point of view: the weekly challenges as a new soloplayer were overwhelming and many unachievable. Now, I can only do what I like and I can prosper off of others that do the things I dont like.

Speaking of which, any raid warriors that wanna do our raids???


That is if some clan want some idlers or “leeches” on their clan(from some clan description).

That isnt a leech. If a person consistently does raids, he would be a big contributor to most clans. Clan wars guys typically arent raid guys. It is a symbiotic relationship.


That’s a rather situational thing. Random guys are left like beggars searching if someone would take them in where they need to compensate for their CW or Confrontarion inability with some extra PVE obligations. That’s exactly why we solo avoid that sh#t
We want to open the game and play when we want, how we want. And leave the very second we want, without having to say goodbye and if it is a nice thing to leave your “comrades” midbattle and stuff.

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The weeklies were why I felt I could progress. That’s how I got most of my better weapons. I’d get 3000 badges and then that crate. Or I would use them to get structural parts I didn’t already have. If you missed a battle pass, those badges were the only way to get them.

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