JBrider's take

Lol, read up.

I never said any of that. Was it the other guys?

Not really reading most of it, scan for something interesting to quote and reply to then post.

Thanks for the time burner :slight_smile:

I dont have to look up, I’m reffering to that what you’ve said in the past , then I also corrected you ,you explained that you don’t have a head for dates.
Not gonna go through your posts history bc its too much also not going to waste any more time on you. :love_you_gesture:

Waiting for your stats :sunglasses:



Even then, they’re using up to 16 energy relic weapons :wink:

Yeah, I don’t play CW anymore.


Yeah, but Confrontation is CW-light… With a 9k cap, OP epics will be the new OP relics.
They’ve devised a way to spread the CW scam around.

If you want to win in confrontation, you’d better have some fully fused epic builds!

Oh, and by the way… check out this new pack with OP epic parts! Yours for only $$$!

Don’t get played, my man… you’re not a tool.

No, a win with 100,000 or more clan points is just a win, and you don’t get any extra rewards.

Stay calm, everyone - Discussion - Crossout

This means that an average of 5000 points per person would be enough, which can be done with unupgraded equipment, and when I came to the new mode with the mindset of playing casually, I’ve reached 6900 points without using upgraded equipment

What developers need to do is downgrade the requirements for this task


Your assumption is that everyone is in a full clan with fully active players.
I’m not.
Most aren’t.
Clearly a HUUUGE number of us don’t want to be.

Re-watch those 3 videos I posted. Two are from partners. There are more vids out there like them. I can count on three fingers the number of people I’ve read/watched/heard say anything remotely positive about this dumpster fire.


'funny how you flagged the videos but kept JBrider topic here…

why didn’t you ask to ‘lock it’ or ‘delete it’
did you not know ‘JBrider’ is (sponsored) by ‘Crossout’ ? :crazy_face:

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Not positive, just not that bad, then find a new clan or re-recruit active players

You’re understanding me.
You’re not understanding why that will NOT happen.

I do NOT want cooperative play.

I do NOT want my success in any way tied to the performance of others.

I do NOT want to feel like I need to play to “carry my load” in the clan/band.

I have zero interest in that. None. I have whatever the opposite of interest is.

That does not sound fun.

That sounds like work.



Not happening.

I play alone, or I don’t play.

I have to cooperate with others at work to get things done.
I have to communicate what I’m doing, listen to what others are doing, work around each other etc etc…

I play games to avoid that crap. I don’t play games so I can continue to work.

So, yes, it is that bad.


i found a game that sounds like this…

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Sounds more entertaining than thrashing around in a dumpster fire. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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Hi guys, long time
Please stay appropriate to each others, thanks



Alls good Charlie, only a few flaggers trying twists facts and hide the truth , would be nice if you can do something about professional flaggers on this forum.
Thanks :love_you_gesture:



It seems they have chosen the opposite theory: Keep any progression behind paywalls.

You do know it’s real bad when even JBrider doesn’t automatically toot the changes around as the best thing ever without a single negative thought


Well, their greed might get the best of them. If enough players quit, the whales will also quit when queue times get too long.

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Maybe turn off flagging? Or is this forum so backwards that you don’t have the admin options to do that?

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