Steel Champ - Win a Match

In keeping with the theme “Speak Up, Get Roasted, Who Cares”

“Win a match of Steel Champ” is total nightmare of a challenge to throw into the mix.

I bought the pass thinking “Sure, I like Cross, I like events, there is cool stuff, this pack is neat, battlepass is kinda ok, why not” …
Then you get the challenge to win a match. … Don’t lie if you’ve been playing… you will lie to look cool and smart ok - so everyone below who replies saying they don’t have a problem with winning in this junkyard casino of a glitchy half-made game mode is posturing to look good for the mods and devs…

I’ve stopped playing Steel MANY A DAY now on a loss streak with that one challenge holding me back. I already submitted feedback about rotation speed of the weapons and WELP - DEVS CHANGED THAT which is ADMISSION that the mode wasn’t really working how they wanted it to somehow - CONFIRAMTION to me that more testing WAS needed and our streamer boys like Chain aren’t really good testers, that XO needs to TEST their changes and additions better…

All that aside - yeah. If it was me, and I was AT ALL concerned for any reason that players might enjoy the event and get all the goodies I was for some reason baiting them with - Evil Dev Hypothesis -… I would quietly remove this challenge from the list after they paid me $10. The annoying “F2P Players” - Win a match. But you pay me for the goodies, you want to grind? Cool - make goals play games - have fun.

TARGEM, is not me though, unfortunately, and after a couple weeks playing everyday, seeing days winding down, feeling the burn on my REAR END when I think about the challenges of WINNING in this crappshute of a gamemode… I just feel scammed. I don’t feel happy like I do with the normal BP, to play and earn, I feel angry.

Go ahead make fun of me now cringelords.

If you’re a Playstation player I can help you, this event is great ,winning is not a problem :love_you_gesture:

I don’t enjoy soccer and legit pushed through level 34 beforef I bought the rest of the levels for $1 each. Here’s what transformed me from a bad rust league player to a mediocre silver league player:

  1. I use the ball lock on camera 100 percent of the time. This means that you miss far away Ripper shots unless the ball is not moving, but you make all close Ripper shots. An easy combo play is to drive toward the ball so that you arrive when it has almost landed, Ripper the ball downfield into enemy territory, then use boosters to get downfield and Skinner the ball, thereby passing it to yourself. Note that when you use ball lock view, it is best to stay away from the edges as much as possible, as you can get stuck driving up the side chasing the ball.
  2. If the ball is near your goal, you must use the Ripper to move it down field and away from your goal. Skinner the ball for offense, Ripper the ball for defense. This is different if your Ripper is reloading, or if someone is driving past you with the ball Skinnered, you can often strip it from them by Skinnering it yourself.
  3. If possible, move the ball downfield from your goal along the sides of the field and not lined up directly in front of your goal. That way, opponents can’t shoot the ball with the Ripper into the goal as easily.
  4. When you have the ball after you’ve Skinnered it, drive blind into the goal, and don’t veer offline because it doesn’t look right. Use the field paint to guide you into the goal.
  5. Stay a little bit back of your teammates who are driving to the goal, in case their drive fails, you can often support them with a Ripper shot, or a Skinner if theirs isn’t working. Do not Skinner a ball they are scoring with, and if you do, let it go immediately.
  6. This is worth saying twice. Don’t play tug of war with your teammates over the ball, if you both have Skinnered the ball, let them have it. Get behind them and support them with a Ripper shot that pushes the ball into the goal.
  7. When the ball is shot down field, don’t boost directly to it, but instead boost to where it will be.
  8. Do not sit directly under the ball when it is far in the air. Stay at a little angle until it is close to landing as your Ripper cannot shoot straight up.
  9. The beginning ball drop is important. Practice making good shots on the ball every time so that you start with favorable field position. Hitting the ball with topspin scores the most goals.


but on PC-things i hate about this event now is…

  1. the time is way to long for the matches,5 minutes should be 3 or 3 1/2 minutes.

2.seems like half the time when you get the ball to the enemy goal,when someone shoots it or grapples it,it gets flung over to your goal and magically floats in front of your net making it super easy to shoot in…
and that happens 90% of the time…so yup,i done playing it…
the whole feel of this event was better a couple years ago…

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Yeah i gave up on the soccer BP because of how much time it was taking to level up and also how long the games took to complete. Im not big into finishing 2 BP’s at the same time at all.

I really just want the new frog/toad skinner skin which is at the end so now after reading this topic i learned that you can advance like when purchasing levels in the reg battlepass. Im on like level 4 soccer BP…i think paying to advance the rest of the levels might cost me a bit.