Steel Championship--Matchmaker?

where’s the matchmaker?
as always the MM is no where to be found lol. match was fun anyway :crazy_face:


Its better without.

I can’t tell if I’m just really bad at this mode, or if I keep getting matched against a full team using coms. Either way, I am not winning many matches.

For the people that like this game mode I’m glad it is in game for them.

But if I wanted to play something like this I would play rocket league and not crossout.

IMO This brawl sucks.

My first match, at 0 points, was against the guy in second place (then and still currently) and the two he was partied up with who were also in the top ten.

My two teammates had 0 and 150 points. They’re combined points was well over 5000. And it was on a laggy server with a quarter second delay on my inputs. I haven’t touched it much since lol. I’m really not a fan of the ripper. Much preferred the crossbow. So much more play on the ball with angles. The ripper is a hammer compared to a scalpel for precision’s sake.

Ripper is fun to shoot at the ground in front of your enemy. Flips those little cars so easily.

New cars sucks, new matchmaking is way better.

i think the same on the new cars…match needs to be 3 to 3 1/2 minutes,it seems way to long now…maybe the cars are slower,it just feels like forever now till the match is done…

My average time is 2min, sometimes more, sometimes less depends whos in my team. I also have some matches below 1min but Im not woried about time bc I have a lot of fun playing it. What I complain about is cars, I cannot do anymore all these crazy tricks as I’ve been doing during previous events, cars are to slow, heavy and bad design. Devs create cars which are ezz to flip and they know that but cars from pack have extra spoilers in front and back side to protect you from flipping but yeah you must pay for it, what a bs. Skinner placement sucks ,old events was way better. With ripper I have mixed feelings I like that you can cut the rope easier but I dont like its placement n turning speed, it turns to slow imo.

Knock knock!!
Do u Xbox guys also have limit in legend league? Only Top 50 will get chest? And whats the highest score?

Hi, Yes, on Xbox the chest goes to top 50. There is a group of 3 guys playing together that all have a score of between 4500-4900. Everyone has to take their lumps playing against them.

On PC theres no limit in legend league ,last time I checked there was around 300ppl in, Im wondering why such limit on consoles? Due to lower playerbase? This way they force ppl to play it. Tbh I dont mind bc I have ppl I can play against ,but only 50 players will get top reward is not enough Imo