Steel Championship

How I love play 1 hours to complete 1achievement in this awesome event. :slightly_smiling_face:
25 minuts of my life wasted. :clown_face:
It was to receive experience for playing the matches + the achievements.
The Free stuff is really nice, but the way to level up is really bad, making everyone get angry fast.

^Talking like every insecure gamer ever lmao

If people wanted to show their mad skillz, they wouldn’t be playing XO. Fact.

I want to remind you this is a crossout forum and this thread is about steel championship event :nerd_face:

Im stating some facts, if ppl cant win a battle they’re just bad. Ik what Im talking about.
Does it look like Im insecure? :rofl:

Hey Kuba7eleven and Clebardman, the fact that you two compare winning a game , has to do with beeing secure or not. really shows your level of interlect. responding like big baby’s, immidiately insulting a player who has only given his/her opinion about the game. i think you are the kind of players, that bail the game, and leave the other players to try and win the game with one less. those are the most insecure players of all.

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i say this event doesn’t need a high score counter… :upside_down_face:
the event should stop when we reach the goal…
anything after that just makes people want to quit and not bother with it…

First of all you dont see the message Clebardman reply to.
2nd Tormentor you have no idea what you’re talking about ,your psychoanalysis is wrong Mr. Freud
3rd stop crying and accept the facts.

MudnBeer my score isnt nothing, if you dont like the event, dont play it, but dont tell others what they should do.
Im doing this 3rd yr in a row and I have a lot of fun beating ppl who wanna take my spot. Thats a competition!