Steel Cradle Leviathans

Steel Cradle Leviathans in raids SUCK. In Easy and Medium raids, the Levis are super weak and have really lame weapons. In Hard raids, either you have a team with retchers, porcupines and incinerators and the leviathan dies in less than 5 seconds, or you get a mid or weak team and the leviathan absolutely hammers you, plus the insane number of normal enemies that pop up during this time. Players start to run low or run out of repair kits and choose not to respawn, because Steel Cradle gives you the lowest number of points and resources out of all raids, and it is not worth the extra repair kits to most players.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Redesign Hard Raid Steel Cradle Leviathans to match the faction they are playing for (armor, speed, weapons, general appearance). The Steel Cradle Levis have been exactly the same for years. Every other enemy in raids has been updated, some even multiple times. Give the Steel Cradle Levis some love!
  • The Leviathan should spawn IMMEDIATELY after the 3rd stage of Steel Cradle is completed (or the timer runs out). This prevents porcupine/incinerator players from just being able to get into position and insta-kill the Levi, since it takes like 20 seconds to activate and leave the little construction box.
  • Either nerf the Levi’s durability (especially the weapons - they are very very hard to degun), OR give huge points bonuses for destroying parts or dealing yellow damage to the Levi. A normal raid boss gives up to 60 points for destroying it. I don’t know the exact HP/durability of the Steel Cradle Levi, but my guess is it is 4-5 times more durable and has twice the firepower of the normal raids bosses. So why not let it give out 200, or even 300 points? My normal Steel Cradle scores are usually in the 800-900 range. If four players share an extra 300 points, that will put all the players in the range of 1000 points, which is much more acceptable for a Raid that can be as difficult and risky as Steel Cradle.
  • Reduce the number of other enemies that spawn when the leviathan appears. If you do not kill the leviathan within like 10 seconds, you get absolutely swarmed by enemies, making the raid immediately 10 times more difficult to complete. Which, again, makes it so much less rewarding to be only getting 800 points instead of 1200+.

I know raids aren’t super popular, but they are a great way to farm important resources, and can be quite fun for casual players. I myself have played over 3000 raids and actually really enjoy it as a gamemode. Steel Cradle is definitely my least favorite raid option because of the wild inconsistency of how hard the Leviathan is to kill based on the team composition you get. In my opinion, Steel Cradle should be the most difficult raid, and as such, should pay out far more points and resources.


Only raid worth your time is frontier defense followed by perimeter breach and data theft. Raids got me drove to the nut house, I only play them when I feel like playing them.

Funny, I used to feel like Steel Cradle was the only one worth doing, just because it was easier to speed run it and get my dailies out of the way.
But now that raids aren’t in the dailies, I just don’t play any of them.

I find steel cradle to be about 20% shorter than other raids time wise but you only get half the rewards on top of being the hardest raid. I don’t mind sticking around in a raid for an extra minute or two to get twice the rewards. Often I get less than 1000 points in steel cradle when I can score over 2000 points in frontier defense and 1700 in perimeter breach/datatheft.

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I refuse to lose raids, so sometimes, I will burn 8 repair kits on Steel Cradle. Then after 30,000 points of damage you finally kill that stupid levi, you get about 300 copper, which is less than your repair kits cost.

I generally avoid it but then go in with the “Maybe this time it will be different” mindset. It never is.

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It must of been you that beat my levi in invasion the other day by buying 11 repair kits. I had a match where my levi lost but still got 11 kills so someone was shilling out for the kits.

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Not invasions. Whenever I roll into Invasions, its with a four stack of Clan vets with Porcs Retchers and Incinerators. Invasion levis don’t win. Its when I solo queue Steel Cradle to get my badges real quick that things go way south.

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My levi don’t stand much of a chance then when your playing I guess, especially against 4 players queued up using the most op raid weapons.

Porcs and Incinerators have a weird synergy where the fire from each stacks against the other. Levis aren’t in one fire, they are in two, Incinerator fire and Porc fire. The two fires heat each heat the levi so it starts kicking out huge damage. This is the only way to make Invasion profitable.

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I didn’t know that. Ill make a porc incinerator build if I ever plays invasion. If I got enough lighters left over after I gets my 2 upgraded cyclones I will get a upgraded incinerator and pair it with porcs.


Use a Blight too so each puddle burns hotter.