Steering & Control

Ive been mainly playing the easier raids. I’m learning how important is to be able to drive… DUH!
But every so often when things are moving fast, I’l make a turn and it seems to not respond or slide
off in another direction and I run into a wall. Is this something built into the game to make it “more real”
or am I just a crappy driver? (that too!)

Could be lag, could be hitting a small bump and getting airborn, or in some cases could be the drifting/sliding mechanics being weird.
Not much you can do about the first two issues, but drifting can be better controlled if your mass balance of your ride is improved, and it’s also worth experimenting with mixing non-ST and ST wheels, and putting them in different positions.
Also, tapping the handbrake when turning can greatly help in controlling your car.


PC or Console ?
me on pc i forget to lift my finger and is still pressing the button.
lag is very noticeable but when things get fast sometimes your not paying attention to it.
if it keeps happening just reboot the game and or your pc,i dont think console ever needs to be rebooted…

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@MudnBeer Mudnbeere and @130898924 Poony4u summed up almost everything I’d suggest… smart chaps!

Do a lot of test driving after building & be sure to drive over different terrains in your test drive area. Test driving in Adventure is good, too.

You can check how good your connection is in the game as well to see if it’s lag.

I forget what the default is, but you can enter the settings, then key binds & scroll to the bottom for “Show FPS.” That’ll also show your ping, I believe.

Good luck.


I think it is the supercharged update, all wheeled builds handle poorly after it imo


xbox should be rebooted after every update same as any pc. Also there are some other issues on xbox you sometimes have to reset or it can cause dc’s. (this is very rare though)

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I get this same problem. When I first start playing the video stutters and I end up jumping backwards and hitting walls and other team members. I find it worst playing around midday when I assume there are a lot of other players logged on. The other problem I also get is the car grounding and not being able to move which I can understand if it grounds on a small hill but not when I’m on a flat base. It’s annoying when other builds which are wider and longer than mine seem un effected. I have found logging out and rejoining a little later seems to cure the problem.


That’s normally called rubber banding it’s a type of lag where your local position de-syncs from your actual server-side position to an extent that the server decides to resets your position. It’s generally a network issue but it can be anywhere from your machine to the servers. So it’s really hard to pin down on one thing causing it.

I’m not sure if that’s the same thing the OP is mentioning as they mention sliding around.