Sticker ideas

Paints and other custom parts we’d want are discussed a lot, but what about stickers?

For me, more anime style pinup stickers, like the one of the honka honka girl from Sinto City that comes in the Otaku pack.
And more weeb stickers, like Shoujo

Everyone mocked and hated on the battlepass that gave us basic shape stickers. I use basic shapes and line stickers more than anything else. I have like 14 serial code stickers just because it is a streight white line.

Tbh idk what stickers I’d want. More basic lines and shapes of different colours so I can match them to paint combos.

I want more traditional auto decal stuff. Pinstripes, flames, numbers, cartoon hot rod monsters, pin up girls, dice, ect.

Would also like more vintage military custom stuff: the shark teeth are nice, but I’d like more of that kind of theme.

I don’t typically use a lot of stickers, unless I’ve been playing a build for a long time and get bored with the looks.
Flames and shark teeth are probably the two stickers I use the most (although not on the same build).

I was one of those people (sorry). They are actually pretty handy. I don’t use them much though, or any sticker for that matter, but there are a few I like and use.

I’d like something I could use for the door emblem on cop cars (Bladespine Sheriff Dpt.) , and other first response units…maybe a mail (delivery) truck logo in honor of the new Postman comic strip.

I like fake labels and brands like the “Boost Systems” sticker, so I can add them as sponsors to my race cars.

Polka dots?

Bumper stickers with silly Crossout slogans might be cool. Like, “It’s not a game. It’s a virus,” or…“I brake for land sharks”

Custom license plates have collectable potential as either stickers or decor, I think.

Cracked windshield might be good, and maybe bug splatter. They should have bug swarm destructibles we can drive through.

If they could do a textured sticker, mud, bullet holes, or rust might be good.

I’d like the “FARMER” sticker from ExMachina.

Some fan stickers for whoever the band is that does the music for this game would be cool, maybe.

A band-aid?

Bird schit.


XO-Cola spoof sticker.

“Just Married” Now that I’ve been married for almost 20 years, I realize it’s other meaning…I’m…just…married, like it’s just not that big of a deal anymore. Some silly shoes and tin-cans on a string decor would be fun to hang off the car with it. It might be more fun for somebody less jaded than I too, like a newlywed. IDK…it might make a good promo-pack for somebody to commemorate the event.

“Animal Control”


A luminescent sticker that looked like glowing cracks, or maybe even just glowing circles or squares we could stick on parts to make mock head-lamps.

I think I’m spent.

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i want sticker bomb on crossout