Stiff Pinky

So for the last 8 years as a leftie my movement controls have come from right hand on the numpad, while using left hand for the mouse.

Funny thing tho, when you press enter or numpad enter, it opens up the chat.
I wish there was a way to rebind the chat button away from enter.
Because in the heat of battle you dont want to accidentally press the chat button.

Imagine left ctrl and shift opening the chat for you wasd users, you would get a stiff pinky too when you train it not to move accidentally.

They calc style numberpad can be turned off with the num lock button. It will stop that from happening. opps doesn’t turn off the enter though… hmm

Reminds me of an offer my friend made me. I told him i had a headache. So he asked me if i wanted him to kill me. I said why, he said no more headache.

Im with hamster, screw your movement! Press numlock and youll never have to worry about accidentally hitting the chat button again!

I just double checked it but it doesn’t disable the - , + , and enter key on some keyboards. I guess it depends if they have second functions on them. I know it works on some keyboards though.

Hamster, he uses numlock keys as his WASD -_-

I got that but that’s easy to fix switch with the cursor keys… It’s just the only way I’ve ever managed to turn that button off. I sometimes knock it with my mouse hand sometimes and open the chat with it by accident too.

Imagine wasd with no easy to reach buttons beside them :man_facepalming:

‘remove the key’ pry it up and store it somewhere…i did that that on my mouse with the sensitivity button,yup its gone,was right behind the scroll wheel where ur finger layed… just engineer your tools…be creative. :kissing_heart:

But what if you play other games than crossout where you actually use numpad enter?
glue the key back on? :rofl:

they just pop off.
and u can put ur finger in it to work,its just a rubber thingy u press down lol
and u can pop it back on. its easy.

i think ill try software before touching the hardware

or just push your keyboard to the right a little and use other keys.

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Here’s a solution for you: smash the keyboard against the monitor, and then throw both out the window. That way you won’t have to worry about it. :smiley:

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Mouse :
left button = steer left
right button = steer right
wheel = shoot

or you can use the arrows instead of num pad or 7946 for strafe

A good idea, i will try it.


and here i thought you tried everything so far…this is too funny.

nah im just here to post stuff when im drunk, i know there are programs to alter your keyboard keys.
moving the keyboard to the right halfway across my desk does give me alot more options but id have to retrain the muscle memory.

you wanne know something funny, im actually righthanded, but play lefthanded :rofl:

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oh you know it is and you better try it!