Stillwind and thor

this thing is at 30k coins now, this is almost the cost of a relic. idc if this thing is only available through a battle pass or not this needs to be corrected asap. no legendary should ever cost that much. yes its a piece to use in the odin generator recipe, but no generator or weapon in the entire game should ever be limited to a weapon that can only be made during events. put the damn blueprint for it in the game!

the thor generator is at 15k coins also. add these blueprints in the game, these prices are ridiculously inflated.

I’m here casually waiting with my 100 legendary stablizers for an un-fuse event


if i can unfuse the stillwind i got and sell it for that price… hell id be on my way to another relic :crazy_face:

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PC: just went and looked.
Stills at 10.1k
Thors at 5.3k

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I have mine fuse and everything .
i’ll get a full set eventually

That’s what I’m hoping for, I bought them for 70c each, so 15 would cost me 1000c… un-fusing for 1000c would be 20k+ profit so I’m hoping to sell them for a lot more.

If I sold then at 500c each it would still only cost 7500c to unfuse, giving a 15k+ profit…

I would make 45,000c

I guess the lesson is to stock up on BP stuff when the opportunity is there.

Sucks for anyone who just wants to use a Thor and doesn’t have one yet, but great for anyone who planned ahead and participated in the BP.