Stillwind change suggestions

1.DMG40→33, + 15% DMG per 100M

This weapon is not good at sniping, and at 360m, the whirlwind reaches the same damage as him, but the attack speed is much faster than it

  1. When equipped with stillwind, firing other weapons will also remain invisible

I wish I could use other weapons to pair it with it without losing its abilities

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I think its dmg and pwrk are just fine…IF it were a 4 energy weapon. It needs to have extra energy to make the perk a good perk. 12 energy would allow using a cloak, radiator, and whatever else

I think people figured out that Stillwind is actually good, given the prices they are going for. I almost regret selling mine, even though the profit was amazing.

I think the price is mostly due to scarcity. No one makes them when they have the option. Fusion events then cut further into the inventory.

With hovers being more user friendly, they are now more viable but they still arent a top tier weapon.

All that said, I love using them. Storms were always my favorite back in the day. Used whirlwinds for my first CW build. I wish they made a more CW worthy gun in this family. If they would scale them back to 4 energy each, that would make them much more versatile, and thus more popular.


Does it need to change?

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No. Need to stop holding the trigger down. That is all.
These weapons are OP. Probably the strongest range weapon in game other than Scorps.

Also I think they did nerf them slightly.

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Reduced base damage,This is optimization, not enhancement

it was a small nerf. barely noticeable.

maybe its my fuses (I changed mine to +explosion radius) that makes me think they are so strong.

Draw attention to the nerf, that’s too obvious, surely many of the players who bought it will scold the developers :joy:

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