Stillwind workpiece

It has been the most expensive legendary weapon and has been going on for a while,I want to buy it, but have concerns

The first direct reason, its price is very high, two will require 10,000 coins.

The more important reason is that in the future, its workbench production cost will be much lower than its current price, and if I buy it now and distribute the workbench to players, I will lose about 5,000 gold coins, which is similar to the tax paid for buying a pair of relics weapons and selling them.

I don’t want to take this loss, but I want to use stillwind in combat, so please hurry up and distribute stillwind’s workbench

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I’ll actually second this.

I own stills and even I look at the price and go “wow… they aren’t worth THAT much.”

I just sold a Stillwind because the price was so high on PS4.
Decided to buy myself a Mandrake to use with my Heather, and still had a few thousand coins left over!

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Plus Cyclones are better anyways.

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Stillwind is not the best weapon, I advise against it
Buy cyclone

I really enjoyed playing dual Stillwinds on Beholder with a MK11 cloak. It’s the only way I was really able to take advantage of the perk.
Works really well against bots, but also confuses humans!

But I had enough fun with them, and at the end of the day I don’t love long range AC play. Whirls are a lot more fun for me, even though they’re useless at range.

Third. Cyclones have never been cheaper with the workpieces and the cheap electronics around now. I just crafted three of them. Stillwinds hit a little bit harder on a Nova Bigram spider, but have way less durability. In Clan wars, with a Cyclone you have fighting chances against Scorpions because they can’t take a gun every shot.

Both weapons get crushed by Breakers, but do okay against fire dogs. Both use Falcon for spread reduction and explosive reveals. Stillwind has a larger blast radius than Cyclone. Stillwinds have a blast diameter of 6 blocks, while Cyclones have a blast diameter of 5 blocks.

I would get Cyclones, because they are dirt cheap in comparison, they fare a little better in Clan wars because they aren’t automatic Scorp food and you need other expensive builds to make them work. Also, if you have the money for 3 Stillwinds, why not just get some Typhoons, or a Punisher and some Aspects or something?

This is the big one here.

Any gun that can pass the double scorpion “one shot” test automatically has a good chance of being more competitive.

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Stillwinds are ridiculously close to whirlwinds in durability and mass…but with bigger hit box. They also get out damaged by whirlwinds at distance. They have a perk that is practically unusable in CW. They need to be buffed.

They gave cyclones a significant dura buff…why exclude Stillwinds?

Either balance stillwinds as 4 energy weapons or change the perk. Give it something like 20% projectile speed and impulse buff after hitting a certain accuracy threshold.

You know why.

They gave out free fused ones

They gave one out in the BP and when it released it was already underpowered then and soon after they buffed it. As it’s already had a buff that’s more than likely why they haven’t bothered with it again. Most of the AC’s are kept pretty tame though as a whole.

We really shouldn’t forget how they nerfed the WW’s into taking a long minor dirt nap a long while ago too. Buffing their durability is more like giving some of it back.

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I really wish they woke up much sooner to the idea of giving more than 1 of a gun in a battlepass