🫣 stop making things really Big

it’s got less damage destruction but is bigger,
'but where do u put it? y is it so big compared to a gasgen?

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I think you answered your question of why it’s so big (more durability, less explosive), but I do understand why the shape and size is frustrating.

I typically flip it the other way, so the long side goes under my cabin, and the shorter side goes against the rear of my cabin. Drop some frames around it, and it’s nice and hidden without taking up too much room.


I actually have to agree the scale of things are off a lot in the game not just in terms items but also in terms of general map objects and similar.

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If you use a gasgen and a plow, it will have more durability than that thing. (just saying).

Bootstrap it’s huge and awkward, it’s easier to hit in the middle of the chaos, Defence line can cover a small generator, it’s small, harder to hit, it’s great as a secondary layer of armour, other piece that’s even better than the defence line it’s the puncher, it’s lighter and has the double of the durability 192 kg and 89 dura vs 173 kg and 163 dura.
But you will need a bit more space

Nowadays i use a Apollo with my fused mechanist cabin ( DEAD END ALLEY build) my STUBBY LITTLE DORK build morphed into something else.

Terribull bars and Defence line are nice complements to the plow.

For builds that i’m not so sure or if they can’t use plows i use an ampere. Llike my drone builds or this thing for raids.

I wish the developers saw size and fit as a perk, and didn’t simply use it to nerf the utility of big power-score items.

I’m more into the build feature than the gun feature, and don’t always find high power-score items as useful as I suppose they think I should, especially when they present build issues. Items that introduced better build solutions would be more interesting to me.

If you dangle it right (connecting) it can be blown off without exploding I do this on my heli builds often. I can lose more then half the build with out it bleeding me dry via the explosion dmg. I have to agree a bit with Doc that the part shapes and sizes are a bit of a strategy in itself not that I really trust the devs to do that intentionally.