Storage space bug

I just bought the BP, and one of the rewards it unlocked was something about increasing storage space.
Well, it seems like the opposite happened. I now have more items than storage space, and it won’t let me enter matches or buy items.
Anyone else encounter this?

Edit: the reward might actually have been increasing the maximum number of parts on a build.


I’m sure there’s some stuff I can get rid of, but hoping it gets fixed soon so that I can keep hoarding.

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I think it was just the first helicopter pack pushing me over. Put a bunch of those things up for sale and all is good now.

I don’t know if this # still works 1-800- :smile: :smile: :smile:-6969 Hoarders anonymous
Jokes :rofl:
I’m a fellow collector of junk too… Well in this game I am

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invest in some more storage space!

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I was hoping some came with this BP, but doesn’t look like it. Now I’m tempted to buy the current mini-BP just for the storage space and another Stillwind.

The storage expansion and exhibition floppy aren’t that pricey, especially for the first few, each around 250 coins (PC) and you can craft them

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Turns out I had two, so only needed to buy one.
The hoarding can continue!

I guess this is motivation for me to fuse more things, so that they aren’t counted against my storage.

im hoping to get more storage space myself. im at 550 spaces and have 531 spaces used currently. i usually get mine from battle passes and whatnot. i will get the pass but idk if ill ever used the heli blades unless they change the controls for it. i just dont like how it controls.

Fused Items occupy storage space, but you use 3 items to make 1, so you gain spaces.

I am at 724/725. Looks like its time to sell some duplicate paints, never used decor (not holograms).

I was also hoping to see storage expansions in place of repair kits. bleh, repair kits.

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I got a lot of paints and decal and parts I want to sell but they magically became untradable and when I tried to salvage them some were only giving the fusion resource crap…

yeah. they dont take up space anymore so at least there’s that

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