Store packs cost Crosscrowns instead of real currency when on sale?

Is it true? Why, if so?

It is true, and because devs want more money.

I knew it! They used to be fine to buy before, 40 dollar pack is now 20 dollars instead. Decent deal. Now they cost… what, the same? Very, very slightly less despite being “50%” off? What a load of garbage. This is not far from being illegal

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It’s also easier for them to get micro transactions approved.

If they want to sell a pack for real money on any store like Steam, Xbox or PlayStation then they need to get the pack verified for purchase etc etc. With Crosscrowns they only need to get the crosscrown purchase approved and then they can release packs in game without the need to get them verified because they use an in-game currency.

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The reason they do it is to be able to sell the same packs multiple times. If they didnt, once you buy all packs, youd never be able to buy one again.

Not debatable.

I remember watching video that go through all disgusting money extortion mechanisms gamedevs invented through last decades.
This crosscrown is one of those. Proxy currency.
The most disgusting thing you should notice is crosscrown packs and parts packs are mismatched in values. So you always have to buy 330… then 175 more then 30 more… or just driving you to the thought of buying 700 crosscrown pack for extra profit even though you only need 540. Then you left with some leftovers that supposed to make you think of donating more to make use of them. And you will ALWAYS be left with some leftovers because of how prices are mismatched. It’s disgusting business really.
Devs do it to maximize the profit, but gosh that greed is dragging the game like anchor.

Capitalism and weak willed individuals, what else is new? High impulse, low IQ peeps are always gonna be the victim.

Shall we make a safe space for them too? I say shut up and keep flipping the burgers.

You know what, ill take a stab at an example that hopefully sounds as dumb to you as this does to me:

As a 6’1" man, i am outraged at the average height of toilets and urinals. They sit so low to the ground that I have to deal with increased chances of my own urine splashing out of the recepticle. Not only does this get my jeans covered in urine, but it also gets me accused by womenfolk of sprinkle when i tinkle. Its embarrassing and i shouldnt have to be subjugated to such treatment. Every public bathroom should be required BY LAW to have a taller toilet and urinal in EVERY bathroom.

See? Its a legitimate thing that actually happens. But do i expect anyone to save me from this issue lest i find it an injustice? No. I simply note the dimensions and angles of said toilet or urinal and aim for curved or rounded parts of them to diffuse the interia of my stream, decreasing the chance of splashback.

People are ridiculous and the advent of technology has the low-brow individuals grouping up enough to make noise.

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Weird example but good point.