Storm warning is awesome

“Storm warning” should be regular mode.
BTW thanks to the devs for bringing an interesting mode.
Finally something different from the regular W-wars.

It used to be. This version is awful compared to the old version.

Many players cheat in storm warning.

How? Storm warning is not supposed to be a deathmatch, it’s a last man standing mode. Avoiding fighting and the damage that comes with that is just being smart. It’s bad enough that the brawl is prebuilts rather than whatever you have in your garage when you enter the queue.

Some players queue at the same time ,they teamate together and they choose a winner.But i did not play the new version.

That could be done in any mode, PvP someone could just outright quit to let a clan member’s team win more easily or actively get in the way their own team winning.

It’s the mode but instead of players using what their current garage is, it’s a bad prebuilt:

It’s more a problem in strorm warming.

Versus in free for all or other all vs all brawls? No, it isn’t.

This is the kind of complaint that gets a good brawl removed from the game for years.

Read the game rules.

I have. I did back when complaints of teaming were being made. Not mindlessly shooting someone the instant you see them was not a breach of the rules.

How you win in storm warning? You don’t start needless fights and save your HP for the end of the brawl when the storm is slowly killing everyone at which point you stab them in the back to get an easier win. No teaming or breaking of any rules, just smart gameplay.



Sigmas points are valid. The biggest problem was people would usually collaborate to win. Most players were usually defensive, they would only fight in self defense, not provoking fights.

:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: good lord save my game

Smart gameplay /= cheating. If that’s what you want, then all of the PvP gamemodes should be collapsed into a deathmatch and screw smart gameplay like capping bases or having objectives beyond “Kill all of the enemy team.”.

if you are alone against 7 players and they are teaming ,no way you can win.

And that happened how often?

the teaming is not a issue in regular pvp .

many times . Since how many time you play crossout?

None. That has never happened to me in any of the brawls like storm warning. Any time there was an accusation of it, it was quickly pointed out in in-game chat (While it was available at least.) that we just not being idiots and anyone that opened fire without being fired on first was too much of a risk to ignore. We all knew we were going to turn on each other at the end but that was fair game since everyone was planning on doing that already. Loose cannons are not rewarded.

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