Streaming Drop

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If it’s like the ones in the past, you can only get 7 cartridges or something like that.

Is there a way for console players to get these cartridges?

You just have to have a twitch account…
and link it to your game account…
and watch an hour of streams for one cartridge…

Really, it’s not worth it unless you just start a stream & let it run in the back ground while you do other things. You have to collect one cartridge before it starts counting the next hour of streaming for the 2nd cartridge, so set a timer.

I always hear that everyone does that.

What’s super funny about that is you have this guy streaming then he yells up from the basement “Hey mom, look I got 15 people watching my stream!” And 12 of them are AFK, and the other 3 watching don’t even know what Crossout is :wink:


As a follow up question, can people sell those items? I want the pink lights, but not enough to set up a twitch account.


If this hasn’t been answered next time I play, I will let you know.


No, They’re Always Not SellAble :neutral_face:Lights Suck If You Can See Right Now. I Recommend Camo. It Looks Nice on Darker Maps.

I like lights, and only use camo paint when I’m making tanks.

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