Structral etc and bumper part ideas

How about a bumper that is just a wheeled drone with no gun on top. Attachment points only on top of drone and you kinda mount it as a shield, wheels pointing outwards
Has same kinda things stats as bumpers that are not designed to deal damage have. Maybe 4 of these so people could have a drone meat shield at the front of a build

Could be called “Scrapshield”

And other parts like that could be also a thing, that are pieces of already existing parts repurposed as structural parts. Like a Tsunami cannon without the legs and a barrel, maybe missing some other bits as well, as a static structural part. Maybe a “hollowed out” Avalanche with no barrel, stick some Ravanger nonsense inside of it and call it “the hive”

That’d be a great cabin lol

talking of cabins and ravagers, more cabins could/should have a ravager themed ck rather than just the humpback, to really go for the ravager infected vibe

Deadman in particular, already being strange, could be a prime candidate

More things in general, please.