Structure part wish list

First of all, I’m very happy about the huge diversity of structure parts available now compared to when I started playing. Very nice to see some odd sized parts, and glad they fixed the stats on the syndicate parts. Love that the frame pieces have been expanded to include so many long skinny pieces.

What would we like to see more of?

Personally, I would love some more car front ends with built in headlights. Ideally make them bumpers, like the syndicate parts. Fire starters and Nomads need some big chunky muscle car grills!

I’d love some more backends with brake lights too. The two we have get used on a lot of my cars, and I’m getting bored of them!

I also think we need more small pieces: 1x1, 1x2, 1x3.

In terms of textures, I’d like to see both more smooth and shiny pieces, as well as some very heavily distressed and rusted out junk pieces.


Fire resistant frames from Firestarters for slightly increased PS of like 150% of the regular ones, same durability as normal frames, 50% fire resistance

When FIrestarters were announced I thought it would be cool for them to introduce a different type of frame

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Need more parts. Any parts. And with resistances would be cool.
Devs somehow don’t feel that way. Last season didn’t had any parts at all, and this only has two… =(

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Very happy that faction prestige levels give us pack parts. Been levelling up the cool ones for the last few months.

Also want more hubcaps!
Realistic ones please!

I would also like some barbed wire decor!

I’d like parts that ease transitions between existing parts. There’s a lot of parts in the game already that just don’t mate up well to other parts especially as you cross between factions. I’d also like to see some half parts of existing larger parts for example the avia double slope, APC rear, Torino Bonnet, Rear door, buggy rear, whale back. I kind of like what they attempted with the Right Paw and Right Kutkh Wing parts where they are for the most part the same shape but stylized differently. It would be nice if they did that with more parts too. Some of the other stuff I’d like to see more hood, fenders, bumpers, nose cuts, rear ends… Stuff that actually looks like it came off a vehicle. I get tired of seeing roving junkpiles driving around. :slight_smile:


i leave all but 1 near levelling in case of parts

More big chunk parts like a whole front end or back end of a car and such, fiddling around with small parts is fun and all but the bigger parts dictate the overall shape of the car much better than trying to build said parts from smaller ones

And saves up on room to add more cosmetic parts to a build

Also a new medium size bumper that’s just a big hunk of rebar and concrete with rebars pointing here and there and the concrete cracked and missing here and there

Maybe rebar+concrete structure parts in the usual structure part shapes?

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I hadn’t thought about it before this but we still don’t really have a standard rectangle and square parts for syndicate. Are there any other really common shaped structure parts missing?

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1x1’s in general, or 1x2’s that aren’t curved apart from the nomad 1x2

3x frames would be cool too, or other odd numbers

I know it’s niche but i’d like more frames, more lengths and even types would be cool

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I could deal with a few xl sized frames anything that cuts down on parts is useful.

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The nomad curved part would be nice to have as just the curved portion as a 1x2 and a few longer lengths. You know like a piece of quarter round stock lumber. It would be a nice way to soften edges on a build.