Sub 30 player experience

So I’ve hit level 27 now and before now I was using Heli mode as a little fuel farming mode to do raids in order to make some coins. I have no real want to play normal pvp because honestly it sucks and has sucked for 2 years now so I wanna just chill and see how far I can get without it.

Recently I’ve been unable to play Heli mode due to what I assume is my platforms low playerbase. I search and search, the timer hits 10 mins 15 mins up to one time 40 mins… it feels pointless now. I’m running rotors and sometimes I do restart the search but nothing works and I’m tired of Reddit specials telling me to restart the search or use rotors; they don’t know what they’re talking about and en mass are just straight up ignorant and stupid.

So I went into a regular few pvp games and god it’s awful. It takes me 2-3 mins to find a match at 4800PS and every match is just clans of 30+ seal clubbers. Around 80%+ are prestige seal clubbers and when you need to search for 2-3 mins to even face them it’s no wonder people don’t play this game anymore.

What’s more obvious is how much the devs must not play their own game or care about player experience/retention whatsoever because this is a serious issue that needs addressing.

I (Rusty on PC) was getting 3 minute queues for pvp when I finally gave up. I wasn’t seeing the seal clubbers though, and was quite the menace for a while. So, up until the 3 minute queues, I was enjoying a very vanilla retro Crossout experience at PS 3.5K (Engineers level 13), with none of the modern fancy gear anywhere to be seen (no seal clubbers) that IMO has turned this game into a disaster.

Other than my sad lack of bling, I enjoyed it much better than playing my primary account, which is moderately P2P (handfull of cheap sale packs and most BPs), while RustyFord is completely F2P. So, I know Crossout can be fun if it wanted to be.

I think I’ll try my RustyFord build on my Savage account, and see if I get the same results…I bet I don’t.

I seriously pwnd some noobs. I’d feel more evil if I hadn’t put the build up on exhibition; literally almost anybody could build the build I was using, so it’s not like I have some innate advantage.

I know some people might say, “Well, you have more experience.” IDK. I’m sure this isn’t the first video game those kids have played, but I can’t say that argument doesn’t have some merit. Not much though. The build is on exhibition, so it’s free to all, and it’s not like I’m using some META or an exploit.
IDK. Too pro? It’s a gddmn art build with no fused gear at all (I’m gonna fuse it though). What can I say?

If it wasn’t for the three minute queues, I’d probably have fun.

If it works it works, I use an art build against vets and do well so

I just spend 11 mins to get a Heli mode and the enemy 2 Helis were 10k and I was 6.5k… sad kids taking the mode seriously is honestly so pathetic to me. It’s a 2v2 mode with 3 bots and takes 11 mins to find a match… I’m nearly done playing this new account a this rate.

I just want to chill and do some pve, something which I think should be an option if a players wants. I don’t care how slow the grind would be but if the devs are soft-forcing new players to play in these seal clubber matches etc then no wonder everyone just quits.

I’m not the first one to say it, but the large proportion longtime players to new players is the biggest problem with the game.
Even if you aren’t playing low PS meta builds, veterans can’t help but have a huge advantage over newer players, which is one of the biggest reasons new players quit.
The game might be better off if more vets like us quit.

Edit: as far as air battles go, the nature of most air builds pushes their PS higher, so it’s not surprising that wait times are even longer for that mode at low PS.

It would be better if devs actually split the queues properly

11 mins or so to get 4 players in a match is just stupid tbh, especially when they range from 6-10k

I’m pretty sure splitting the queues more would lead to even longer wait times.
Am I right in remembering that the leaderboards for the current event suggest that PS4 has a lot more players than XBOX?
I definitely wouldn’t keep playing it my wait times were that long. Which is why I don’t play low PS much anymore.

What is better - A 5 min search for a fair game or a 2 min search to get seal clubbed?

2 minute wait for sure.

I don’t care if someone blows up my car, and I don’t need to win to have fun. But if I have to sit on my couch for longer than the length of a match just to get in a match, I’m just going to play a different game.

Even two minutes is too long. I rarely wait more than 30 seconds for a normal PVP match, and it’s driving me nuts waiting two minutes for air battle matches.

still don’t know why players wait that long for a match,when all you have to do is RE Q in 1 minute and 30 seconds,works for me everytime,i always reset my Q at 1:30 minutes,been that way forever.
you can’t always count on the game to put you in matches…

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I went ahead and downloaded my RustyFord (PS 3.55K shotgun) build to my Savage account and played several rounds with it, and had more fun than I’ve had in a while.

I did get a different flavor of matches, with more META, some hovers, even a fire-dog, and a lot more Special tiered weapons, but none of the exaggerated and ruthless legendary seal clubbing I expected…could be that I just got lucky. IDK.

I didn’t pull as many MVPs (none) as I did when I was rolling with Rusty (got lots there), but IDGAF. It was fun anyway, and felt more balanced than I’m used to this game being.

The queue length was normal and relatively brief too. If this game will let me, I’d love to play more down there (as Doc), but I think Poony4U is right. My experience may have been harshing the aces when I played as Mr. Ford, who is pre-level 30 (level 13). IDK.

I’d rather not be a troll, and stay out of the kiddie pool, and stick to a post-level 30 peer group. I don’t want to be that a-hole who drives off the new guys. Besides, I can build plenty of cool stuff with Rare gear…and I’ve got lots of bling with this account.

EDIT: My queues were a bit longer disguised as a noob (Rusty) than they were as Doc. This suggests they are pretty low on new players, I think.

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