Suddenly Sleipnir

Overnight the market is grossly over saturated with affordable Sleipnirs?

OK. Makes sense to buy them all up and sell them for half the price you paid, or could get for them, right?

Yet, I couldn’t pay the asking price for this paint?

And, no…

…it isn’t. Please, FO with this.


I’m keeping mine until the very end of the mini bp and hope the devs don’t release a pack containing the sleipnir.

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Yes. Shenanigans. I would get told I was wearing a tin-foil topper for announcing such accusations…I’m trying to be less controversial this year. It’s a struggle, I’m failing, and I’m only 21 days in.

I like this YouTuber, they explain all the things I try to convey to the playerbase about scummy decisions devs make and they articulate it well in their videos

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I like him but I don’t always agree with him. The correction could be also automated, which could be a reason why it’s so badly set.

I also thought that this could happen automatically… if something is going up in price at X% per Y time frame it could bump the corridor by Z or whatever but it still seems fishy

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It’s the type of thing you work on long term to correct for inaccurate predictions, so you start with larger margins than needed and then narrow them down as you gather against the predicted outcomes. I never cared enough to collect the data to see if it’s improving or not. You would need a few T variables for time in the calc too to deal with the slope of the curve over time too. Maybe the sharper the demand spike the sharper the rise…? That type of thing…

I do think it’s quantifiable though: Predicting Changes in Equilibrium Price and Quantity | Outlier.

It could be also just knee jerk reaction corrections too but it’s hard to tell without collecting data on it.

Have the price corridors ever been explained in detail? Like the actual mechanics of how the corridor moves?

I assumed it based itself off average buy and sell offers. Big jumps could happen organically when overly optimistic offers expire. Especially when you have people playing the market and buying/selling lots of a single item.

Here’s what PS4 looks like with no price corridors:

Not really they seem to engage in 5min increments on the selling side up to a 30min posting delay on sales. Similarly working on the buying side with delays in bid offerings.

Outside of that they limit the threshold selling and buying prices.

From Xbox

Almost identical curve as mine.

I don’t think the devs are doing shenanigans with price corridors on PC. I just think they created some system to try to solve the market fraud problem, but didn’t do a great job. Hopefully it at least managed to fix the fraud problem, because it seems to really make the PC market weird.

Sleipner definitely going to the moon. Prices are up to 1200 on pc.