Sugestion of PROFESSIONS

we could have 3 profession, mercant, hunter and thief. Mercant have discount on market, hunter have to protect the mercants and thiefs steal de farm that the mercants have to take it to another city.

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I’m going to guess this is another spam bot?

Maybe they’re drunk and thinking this is Elder Scrolls or Fallout?

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Lol, I have seen crazier on the forum.

not sure this would work in this type of game. Everyone would become a merchant for the market discount.

Your talking to a spam AI bot…

You’re leaving out the noble American Pimp.

It’s ancient russian meme.
A guy suggesting a game with said 3 factions and caravan robbing, original text has lots of spelling errors and mostly funny in it’s clumsiness.

again its one of the big picture guys falling for a bot. seems noteworthy to me.

good job monkey, next time without the deleted post and youre golden. you just seem to need a little more forum xp thats all.

back to the big picture gang, remember derp driver writing whole paragraphs to a much more obvious bot? then ask the dude about how the world works and he confidently goes into a crazy rant.

there is a connection there but i cant quite put my finger on it yet. dare i say it, i must do my own research!

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