Suggest a change that would increase build diversity

What the title says. We all know those parts nobody uses. They’ve been overnerfed, or just bad to begin with, and never touched again. Nobody uses them, and you almost forgot they existed until this thread made you remember them. Suggest a buff that would encourage people to pick the up again.

Max speed increased by 5 kmh.

Augers are just not very good as movement parts. As spider bumpers, cool, but to strafe around? Huh… And any other easy-to-implement numerical buff would benefit bumper augers just as much, if not more than max speed.

ML 200
+25% fire resist

They’re currently underplayed, and don’t perform that well as a tanky movement part, due to their tendency to melt really fast against fire dogs. +25% fire resist seems like an easy way to make them perform better in their intended role, shut down some of the complaints regarding fire dogs, and generate some market traffic around ML 200s but also Steppe Spider. Sure won’t break the game.

Armored/Tank track and Goliath
Raise dura/mass ratio to 1:1

Same deal than ML 200s, these actually tank like crap for a tanky movement part. Their weight prevents you from bringing much cab dura, they get melted by heat, scorps and energy, and can’t dodge to save their lives. With Armored tracks sitting at 625 PS now, I don’t think a ~10% dura buff is going to be a huge seal-clubbing problem.

I wanna hear which parts you’d like to see more endgame, and why!


The only problem with raising the speed on the Augers is more speed might make them more unstable. Look at some of the odd behaviors of omni wheels, and small tracks when really pushed for speed. The rest of the ideas sound fine.

I feel like the Neutrino scope could use some work based on the new co-driver “Falcon” and new optic module “Iris”. It basically could probably just do with some added zoom. Maybe some increase in enemy detection range when active. They had made a change a while ago which made it not detect all explosives in it’s visual range and instead cap out a little under 300m. Open to other ideas though.

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Some additional ideas to go with your suggestions.

Ml-200: top speed of 50kph, cross hair convergence +15 percent.

Tracks: tonnage buff.

Meat grinder: revert back to original handling.

They should only do that for 2x meat grinders… 4x and more handle better now.


I think a speed increase while strafing be cool

I much rather them have a speed increase then a resistance

I also think their turning radios should be shortened a bit

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Hmmm, I agree that “+10/15 kmh while strafing” might be a good perk for them, and better than a simple flat +5 kmh, since Augers are a lot more stable when strafing. That’s a really good idea, that fits how augers work IRL too.

For the other two, this is just me, but I don’t think turning every movement part into the same nimble stuff is promoting diversity. I wish Goliath and ML 200 could be viable without going 60 kmh (and I’m sure they can, at least for MLs).

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The reason why ML are now trash is because of bigrams, which are really broken. They go the same speed as any wheel, but huge durabilty, Melee resistance and they can then be legs in 1 second. These are why you see big spider builds now and people dont use ML.

Make autocannons more viable. All of them are quite mediocre, some are outright trash. They are not hitscan, diminishing their effectiveness at long range where most of them are meant to exel. Their DPS is worse than machine guns, and they barely have more durability, but slower turning speed., and awkward shapes that are hard to protect. Their explosive damage (for those that have it) barely even counts. A slight buff to their durability and turning speed to make them more effective at close range should be enough.

You left out that they don’t even get a daily challenge…

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If you’re looking for the cause of lack of diversity in “endgame”, there’s little point in looking at parts. I think that’s more because of limitless PS. It is true that some parts are used less or are considered less useful, I personally think that is good. Those are the parts that pose a challenge for players who are tired of the easy-to-use parts.

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I’d agree partially, at least as far as weapons go (because of relics). I think for movement parts tho, every epic should be CW viable, one way or another. I can’t say Augers, tracks except STs, the lame Icarus and MLs are rn.


Augers are extremely overpowered on low PS as part of either heavy melee or auger+goblin meta at 6-7k PS. There is a number of parts that underperform on very high PS but are extremely OP in specific meta ranges.
CW is something that only handfull of people care about, so balancing parts for the NRA of XO seems excessive.

CW is something that only handfull of people care about

Which, let me add, is a huge shame and Gayin should do something about it. Even the used toilet paper league is full of relic spam. IMHO CW should be for everyone. Not Uranium, necessarily, but CW itself. There should be more leagues, and those on the bottom should have PS and blueprint restrictions, and anyone with at least blue stuff should be able to participate.


I do agree that we should have alternatives to CWs for people to get Ore, but I’m not sure that more brackets in the same broken clan wars system will be the solution.

If you ad more brackets to the current system then you will just have the same guys dominate them all. Which will make it even harder for newer players to catch up.

I do think that we need to have modified version of “Arena” added to the game as an alternative mode to CWs. I have some ideas on this and will take the time to make a new topic about it a little later.

Also “Levi Wars” needs to be made it’s own CW ladder.

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I think a simple thing to do would be to make playing Rust and Tin attractive. RN nobody but high Tin plays there, because people either capped their metal, or would rather do badges once they got 5 wins. Maybe it’d be a good idea to throw some other ressources there.

CW matches could (should, lets be honest) reward intelligence on top of scrap. Or they could reward +25% reputation, especially since you can’t really pimp your CW ride, making it one of the worst modes to farm reputation. Both things would help people who are behind to catch up, and would encourage these people to CW more, while someone who already has every prestige part unlocked and maxed co-drivers wouldn’t get anything out of it.

Then, I think it’d make sense to reward victories in Rust and Tin with something else than scrap. Doesn’t have to be much. Maybe 15 Copper/win in Rust, 30 in Tin. People who paid for relics and still can’t get out of Tin wouldn’t get much benefit from that, but people who go into CW with cyan gens (I see them up to Tin!) would probably appreciate the extra bits when they beat teams that are worth 50 times their team in coins.

We hit Bronze today btw, still no tryhardism, I drove around with Drakes a couple rounds for fun lol.


I agree, and I would love for Leviathan Wars to be their own separate thing.

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Why not both, it would promote newer guys to just play CWs even if they don’t win. and just like you said all of us with maxed everything don’t even get anything out of it, so it’s not pushing the groups apart even farther. This is a great idea.

100% yes to this too. If there was any reward above what you get in PvP missions then many people would grind this mode instead.

CW play also promotes people to stay longer

I agree that CW makes people play longer. It’s a bit sad there’s not much to do for clans besides CW tho. Maybe we could keep Chase as a clan raid?

Anyway, agree that levi CW needs to be its own ladder too. Honestly the whole levi thing needs some reworking. How about it’s just cab, engine and gen’s tonnage, mass limit, power and energy*4, instead of those huge flat bonus that make everybody go 120 kmh with a light cab? :eyes:


I think ML-200, MeatGrinder, and Most tracks (Armored, Tank, and Goliaths) could use a Tonnage buff. I think that would go a decent way to improve them. With increased tonnage, cabins can put more armor on their builds and have better acceleration because they don’t need as many movement parts.

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