Suggest a Co-driver

A simple topic: post an idea for a co-driver, give them a small backstory, their active, and their 3 passives. Lets see how creative people are.


Info: who says ravager tech can’t be helpful, reaper is more then willing to help any meat bag with their problems… so long as their problem is living… they are really good at helping with that problem.

Active: plasma weapons gain heating after dealing 500 damage this lasts for one burst/shot.

Passive1: Plasma projectiles and missiles +10% max range (+1 second on tows life)

passive2: +15% range on radar detectors and verifier.

Passive3: 300% longer argus time in air.

(Placeholder name, Scavengers tanky co-driver)

For some in the Wasteland, fire is a passion, an obsession, the source of their spirituality. For Firefighter, it’s a calamity that took too many friends, and must be fought.

The talent activates when your vehicle accumulates 100 heat from any source. Charges go down with time.

Reduces the armoured car’s heat by 15 every second for 5 second (15/part, just to be clear)

Passive skills

Fireproof Fire resistance +10%

Blow-off panels Explosion damage of modules -20%

Emergency response Movement parts’ speed limit +3kmh

The idea was to have a second tanky co-driver, quite different from Grizzly. This one focuses mostly on fighting against fire weapons, fire puddles, and heat stuff. Recycling the hated (by me too) -20% damage on gens Grizzly previously had seemed like a good idea here, both thematically, and from a gameplay perspective (fire puddles, also against scorps and underframe Dracos at high PS), but I think extending it to all modules would be a good idea. The active is supposed to help mitigate some of the worst threats to heavies at high PS, like fire puddles, Mastodons and Trombones, but can still be overwhelmed by massive amounts of heating. The +3kmh on movement parts once again helps slow movement parts to crawl out of puddles, and stick with the team where they need to be to tank.
Numbers are ofc just a rough idea, I’m not saying this would be perfectly balanced. I honestly don’t really know how the perk would compare to Grizzly seeing how it’s less universal, and everything else depends on that.

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I would up the fire resistance on that purely do to the fact its perk encourages you to spend time in the flames.

TY for the comment. I’m not sure rn how it would perform… I think the perk would great against many really powerful weapons that are tanky builds’ bane rn (Porcs, Incis, Trombones, Masts), and would probably be good for some of those too. Also really good for goliaths and MLs, because they’re so slow and fire is their kryptonite. I didn’t want to load it too much on the fire resist side, mostly because fire isn’t such a common damage type, and most fire weapons heat up the target pretty good anyway (except Tempuras). If it wasn’t performing well enough, I think I’d look into buffing the perk first, which would naturally help against fire weapons.

About yours, I like the idea of having a Ravager co-driver! I think it’s a bit specific in the buffs it gives rn tho. Maybe you could tweak the passives 2 and 3 in a way that still focuses on detection, without pigeon-holing it into using 3 specific modules? Maybe passive2 could buff Mine detection radius and Enemy detection radius (4 modules in 1 single passive), or Radars (3 modules), to free up passive3 for defence modules (Argus, Interceptor), visors and optical modules, or just a more generic 10% module cooldown reduction (Argus, Interceptor, Aegis, Cloak, Verifier, all pretty fitting thematically)?

I’m not too sure a TOW would go for a codriver that buffs plasma weapons tho. I see where you’re coming from, but Hans’ old perk would probably suit a missile co-driver better :wink:
edit: When I think about it, a Ravager co-driver would probably make a good missile co-driver, with Nest and all their tech being AI/remote stuff

Another co-driver idea.


Description: Who needs lances or powered melee when a reinforced bumper is all one requires to send a car to the scrap heap. Bumper is a passive melee specialist who relies on his weight to get things done.

Design: a fat guy in a bumper cars t-shirt.

Activation of perk: Perk activates when going above 70 Kp/H with no powered or explosive melee modules.

effect of perk:: Forces cool down on all weapons maxing out their heat or starting their reload. If a weapon doesn’t h ave either it shuts down for 3 seconds.

Reinforced bumpers: +10% ballistic, explosive, and energy, resistance to all bumpers.

sharpened blades: +20% passive melee damage. (Doesn’t apply to tusk as that is a cab not passive melee)

Ramming speed: Max speed of tusk and Bastion increased by 5%